BeeHive Cheese Smoke & Spice Trio (3)

BeeHive Cheese Smoke & Spice Trio (3)

$15.55/lbs, reasonable price for good quality cheese.

It’s a flavorful batch as well…the Cajun and Hatch anyway. Haven’t cracked into the apple yet but the BeeHive cheeses have been fabulous so far!


Excited to try this out. I don’t know exactly which cheeses I’ve had in the past, but the ones that weren’t coffee or tea were actually better. I know I had a smoked cheese of theirs and it was amazing. Best grilled cheese sandwiches ever (yeah, some might think that’s a waste, but the only thing I love better than cheese is some melted cheese).


I think you’ll be pleased with that selection…unless you don’t like spicey! The cajun can sneak up on you if you catch a well “seasoned” part but the flavor is undeniable. I’ve used them in omelets and love it. The Promontory from other selections is a really good cheddar so if that batch comes up again you know what you’re in for.

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