Beehive Cheese TeaHive & Promontory

So happy to see these cheeses. I’ve been waiting for them.

Do the cheeses have animal rennet in them?

While I have enjoyed these products, living in Wisconsin I have lots of local, high quality options. However, if I lived in any other of the 49 states, I would be in for the max!

TeaHive is one of my favorite cheeses. It pairs wonderfully with nut and fruit bread. I have also served on Triscuits (plain or sweet potato flavor) with a dab of apricot preserves.

I usually purchase TeaHive at my local Central Market, but this price is definitely better.

I haven’t tried Promontory, but I’m in for one. I love that the shipping is included as I already placed a Woot order this morning and would have really hesitated to spend out on shipping again.

Hi there! We use microbial rennet, which is considered vegetarian-friendly. Cheers! -Katie

Hey Wooters! In anticipation of this question, yes, these cheeses will stay fresh for the holidays if kept in the original packaging. Cheers! -Katie

Hi Katie, thanks for bringing back the cheese. I <3 Beehive!

When will the cheese ship?

Sale said that it would ship out in 5-7 business days so it should be going out soon.

I just received mine in Austin, Texas! The cheese was still cold and the ice packs half frozen! I wasn’t sure if they’d make it here in good shape, so I only got one order. Next time I’ll get 2-3, as long as it includes Teahive!