Beehive Cheese TeaHive & Promontory

Beehive Cheese Company - TeaHive and Promontory
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$29.99 $53.00 43% off List Price
Beehive Cheese Company TeaHive, 16 oz. Wedge
Beehive Cheese Company Promontory, 16 oz. Wedge

Got this last time. Cheese is hella good but it’s not worth 17.50 a slice.

Why does it feel like Thursday every time I come here?

Good news! It’s actually $15 per wedge…plus tax.

I bought the beehive seahive plus crustini combo last time. Both were very good. The harder one made for an excellent fondue. I don’t remember if the harder one was beehive or seahive. Maybe in the future Woot should mention hard, semi soft, whatever in the description.

Thanks for finally offering cheese without all the other junk with it again. Teahive is not my favourite Beehive cheese, but I’ll take what I can get.

I recent buyer of two varieties. Total with shipping over $50. The cheese was good. I have had better and worse. For the price, I had higher expectations. In the future I will just spend the same amount on a good English Stilton…goes well with a vintage Port wine

No it is not.

Yes, it is.