Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Those puns were cheesy. I love them.

Hey Woot, where is my Two Is Better zip-up? No beer themed sale will ever be complete without it!

I’ve been waiting for Dewback Dry to go on sale, again. I’m in for one and a Zombeer t-shirt.

Hopefully the Zombeer won’t be bad luck, again. :wink:

RE: Dystopia Dark Lager.
Thought I would share this little known fact. CrankkyOats is a anagram of Rockatansky, Mad Max’s last name. :slight_smile:

I really like the shirt, but never understood the reference. Thank you for FINALLY clearing that up! And I just found out the other one is a Blade Runner movie. Guess I have to add those two to my list of movies to see!

These would be great as tanks!!

Love this series of beer labels. Dystopia is still my favorite though.

Can someone make a Halloween themed shirt with “I’m only here for the Boos?”

You are welcome! That Blade Runner one has a lot of hidden references. I won’t spoil them all here now, but Jovobni Noir is adapted from the future street language they speak in the film, and means DARK FUTURE.

Even the neon’s say something. :slight_smile: