beer.woot, cigar.woot

I may very well be in the wrong place to post this(sorry if i am!), but does anyone know if there are plans in the works for a beer.woot or a cigar.woot? I think it would be awesome to get all sorts of different craft beer the way wine.woot works… not to mention cigars. Do you guys think you would use it? Also how would one petition the woot gods for such a favor?

From what I understand, the legal hurdles involved in shipping beer and limited destinations make beer.woot unfeasible right now - I’d guess that similar issues could prevent a cigar.woot. But that’s just what I recall reading over at wine.woot once; I’m not sure if I remember correctly.

Strange that these hurdles don’t also prevent the shipment of wine! I’m not saying you are wrong, I am simply saying its pretty silly if thats the case. The mysteries of red tape i suppose? Wine is ok for the children to drink but not beer :stuck_out_tongue:

mmm…delicious beer.

Here’s a wine.woot thread about it. I must be going crazy because there is no mention of red tape, etc. So either I read that somewhere else or am getting confused with a plea for or something. Or I’m just going nuts.

There are restrictions on shipping wine, too. It’s a state-by-state thing that woot has to deal with. I live in a state that doesn’t allow shipped wine.

I have a friend who just opened a restaurant, and he reports that he can buy hard liquor at the ABC store and serve it, but he absolutely must buy beer from a beer distributor, even though he can buy it cheaper at places like Costco.

Perhaps there is a vast beer distributorship conspiracy preventing beer.woot?

In Montgomery County, we call that the local government