Beets on Cleats

Beets on Cleats


Desktop loads slower than the App. Some day we’ll fix that.

VOP is by design. A small percentage of orders go straight through with the remainder going to the VOP to queue up for the next availability in our order processing. This keeps our servers from blowing up.

You can exit the VOP after 4-5 minutes. Desktop should kick you. App is a jerk and doesn’t kick you out.

Canceled means we ran out after we processed your payment. We have to cancel to refund the order.

Denied means that we ran out before we could process your order. We deny the order to reverse the process.

Remember to post your BOC here!

Enjoy the disappointment.


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I just know I will get the boot and have to sign in again.

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Lol, now even forum topics aren’t showing up. You really want me to be on my phone all day, don’tcha?

Is there a break down of how many people get a BOC through the App versus a Browser? Does seeing it sooner on the app equal a greater chance of getting one?

Just curious.


Well, only if you’re really interested in getting a BOC.


Why do I keep on doing penguin things when these come up?

VOP Nation :expressionless:

What are the eggs called that people put in beet juice? I swear there’s a name for it but it’s not deviled eggs. Those are completely different.

Wow my laptop starting churning noises like it was a plane getting ready to take off. :computer: :small_airplane: And lots of VOP

There probably is but I don’t have access to it. App is definitely the way to go though.

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Bunny eggs.

Pickled Red Beet Eggs

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Just checked and got my last on 5/23, so I guess I’m not :slightly_frowning_face:

That’s how my grandma dyed Easter eggs.

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Yup. Amazon sign in


“Our servers doth protest.”

As if making me think of monty python will ease the pain. Sheesh, what do you think I am, some low budget horse?

I usually have the app on my phone and browser on my laptop.

The app is much faster. But it hasn’t helped me this year.

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ooooh that reminds me.

LivePD is coming back under a new name and channel
Fri/Sat night is about to get exciting again.

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Pickled! Yes!

And there’s yellow ones too, but those are in banana pepper juice. I think.