Begging an pleading for a Derby theme...

Dearest Woot:

Please oh pretty please please with sugar on top have some kind of Video Game themed Derby. Challenge us to not infringe copywrights, use bunnies, or starwars. Allow us to get these horrible, vote sucking ideas out of our heads. Perhaps it can be specifically parodies of classic games, maybe even from as early on as atari? or for those non- game console users the eras of the origional wolfenstein or Scorched Earth?

Hell we should probably have a bunny derby too (although not my cup of tea). Get it out of our collective system. No star wars derby though… that could get sticky.

Anywho. I realize that video game references get a lots of sucker nostalgia votes so I figure level the playing field for a derby by making everyone do it, and then ban it again. eh?

If there has already been a video game themed derby in the past before my time here at woot, let me know… However since this is a purely selfish plea: then I say do it again!

C’mon you know the winners would make lots of monies for teh woot…

Derby #67: Video Games Through Art History

Thanks, I figured it had been done at some point…

Still, selfishly I demand it again.