B in tune with spring

I haven’t ordered a shirt in quite a while and see there are new options. Can anyone tell me, for the women’s shirts, are they still high-necked? I’m more of a V- or scoop- neck person, which is a large part of why I haven’t ordered a woot shirt recently. But this design is lovely, so I’m tempted… <3

All still standard crew neck.

For women, the standard option is the Anvil 880 and the premium option (which was just rolled out, see link in my .sig) is Bella 6004 blanks.

Springtime serenade.

Awesome, thanks everyone who voted!

I’m surprised to see it shrunk down and centered on the shirt. My print file was just like the derby entry, full length and as a side print. Is that intentional?

My shirt is alive… with the sound of music…

Congrats on the win, Spirit! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

For me, spring is herald by Music: the chirping of bird, the peeps of the frogs . . . so this is actually PERFECT!!!

Gorgeous design, Spiritgreen!

When are we going to get tall shirts?? I’ve been asking for Men’s XL Tall for at least 5 years.

No plans at this time. We are kinda overloaded keeping inventory for all sizes in two brands at the moment. maybe sometime in the future.

This is actually really disappointing for me to see, as the centered alignment is the only thing keeping me from ordering this shirt :frowning: Congrats on the win, though!

I’m with you on that. I ended up giving away most of my old woot shirts and haven’t bought any more in several years (despite liking a lot of designs including this one) because being 6’ 5" and size XXLT makes shopping for clothing terrible.

Wouldn’t it would be a better world if every design using a treble clef had a corresponding bass clef design, and if Woot made them both available?
(But then, the viola and species counterpoint people might feel excluded, without a C clef.)