Beheaded Orange Carp

Very nice!

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Got one! I was worried after I missed out on the previous one when I had to update my payment info.

It’s not patience… Its pestilence…

Are their condos for rent in the VOP?


Keep trying! I was super frustrated trying to get only to find that I’m at 30 days, not the magic 31. I swear that Woot times that on purpose! Point is that I eventually got through. The VOP is different than in the past. Stay in it for longer than what you used to anticipate

4th time in the Vestibule of Patience today. Nope, nope, nope. WHY does it keep making me log in each time? I logged in with Amazon and checked the “keep me logged in” box but it doesn’t seem to work.

On another note I’ve been forced to use Chrome today. I tried using Firefox as usual but can’t get to the actual checkout area even with a “regular” woot item. Extremely annoying. What’s up with that?


how long are you guys that get it staying in the VOP? im trying to use the app and its still showing me as waiting even though i clicked at 100%
i assume its safe to leave since i didnt get it?

i lost track on each one. was in there 12 times today. most times if i want to the crap page in a new tab, and it was marked sold out i quit

Woothoo!..SCORE…now the depression sets in…no more bocs for 31 days…not sure I can make it that long

So many VoPs later finally grabbed one. It been a while but I’m back!

Score…to celebrate…i think I will get out my 2019 caped crusaders and shoot across the room at some unsuspecting soul…like my wife maybe

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I’ve been to checkout with the BOC 2-3 times now and each time I am required to log in, then I am brought to the checkout page where the BOC has been removed from my cart.

I hate this.

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i’ve been stuck in VOP for every bag of crap today… fun


Same here. Every time I get close, I have to re-login. By the time I do that it’s gone.

Me too!! All day!!:cry:

I’ve never been so happy to get a Beheaded Orange Carp before in my life! Ha! Ha! Can’t wait to get it. Woot! Woot! It’s Woot!'s Birthday but somehow I feel like its mine. :birthday:

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I GOT A BEARDED ORANGE CARP!!! I had almost given up and then wooteth doth deliveredth. It’s not bad to be excited about crapeth that will surely disappointeth, rooght?! Praise be


Whoopseth. Beheaded. Not bearded.

I have notifications turned on but never get one for a BOC. What else do I need to click?