Behold a pale horse…

GAH! This isnt even a nightmare!


What’s on the horses head? A seashell? I’m confused. Otherwise I love it.

oh look… another grim reaper.

I’m so not afraid of death anymore because of woot.

Looks like more of a Crazy Horse to me.

What terrified me wasn’t the flames, or the skulls, or even the image of Death himself.

No, what truly terrified me was the rusty squeak of that damned horse, rocking slowly back and forth in the personal hell painted inside my dreams.


Wow, Woot. Well played with the description. Well played, I say.

I was going to pick one up but the size looks…kinda small. I hate designs that waste a good amount of shirt. :confused:

Thanatos has a new pony!

OMGLOL at the write-up!

“This shirt tells the world: Democracy is flawed.”

reads description

curls up in fetal position

Yes it is - how can he reap if he can’t go anywhere. Death’s worse nightmare.

I really like the shirt, one of the better ones I’ve seen on here.

I recently tried one of those springy horse things again. Y’know what? After eight years old, they’re actually not that much fun.

Freaking phenomenal

Well played woot write-up, well played. snort

I am really disappointed that Woot would have such an ignorant, bitter description. Really, really disappointed. That was inappropriate and ignorant. I love Woot, but that crossed a line.

“This shirt tells the world: Democracy is flawed.”

You said it, woot, not me.

Freaking phenomenal