Behold a pale horse…

Hey Woot…noticed you put “bobwiley quotes [Revelations]”. It should be “Revelation”, as it is a singular vision that the writer was given. :slight_smile:


Just as a warning. I got mine yesterday and the shirt is darker than it looks in the pic. I still like it, but you cannot see as much detail as I had hoped.

I have to agree :frowning: I wish the shirt were lighter, or the black ink wasn’t so, you know, black. A dark grey would have worked better.


I’ve been here for awhile but I don’t read every shirts forums (normally just the ones I buy.) Before this thread I had no idea why people hated these two designers.

(I’m actually on this thread to see if there is a printing problem with this shirt before I contact woot directly - my shirt seems to have no background what so ever.)

I am trying to find out the same thing. There is very little of the background visible. I’m disappointed with how it was printed.

Yeah just got mine, wish it was on a brighter color, personally i think it would have looked better on orange or something bright and cheery to contrast the evilness of it, but still, nice shirt. New to woot so dont really know what all this drama is, but to whomever did the shirt, i like it.

shirt reminds me of the quote

“I force a smile, knowing that my ambition far exceeded my talent. There are no more white horses or pretty ladies at my door.” from the movie Blow.

end of the white horses at my door I guess.


+1 on the poor choice for printing. It’s a shame, this is a great design, but as my wife said when I put it on this morning “all I can see is a white blob”.

This isn’t the first woot shirt I’ve bought that was very difficult to see because the shirt color didn’t go well with the artwork, but it is by far the worst.

I love my woot shirts (my wife hates it when that bag shows up in the mail), but this will definitely make me second guess future purchases.

Here’s the thing, I’m not upset about the cost, but more that the design isn’t as good as it could be. I would pay $10 again for the design printed on a different shirt color.

I am so disappointed in this shirt. It just looks horrible printed. The detail is gone, the background is … well, black on BLACK, not navy. My shirt isn’t navy. Its black. I was all excited for this one to arrive too. :frowning:

The little bits of fire are just blobs…

It just looks bad, and completely … novice. I would have NEVER purchased in a store, no matter how good the design looked in the ad.

Add me to the disappointed list.

I liked the design, but it didn’t print well at all.

Of course it’s name is Binky… Terry Pratchett had to be a source of inspiration for this shirt…

I really like the design, but I wish it might have been done on a lighter color to make the playground equipment in the background stand out a little more. Otherwise, it’s really cool. Maybe a gray would have been better? I read that some people don’t have any background at all, I can see mine, it’s just hard to make out unless you know what to look for.

You owe Terry Pratchett some royalties for that joke.

Why is this shirt navy blue instead of black?

sadly, it was a pale green horse that death rode…

Wait, is yours navy blue? Mine was black!

Probably the most expressive display of shirt.woot-ism that I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing so far.

This shirt’s colors are spot-on, and the design is satirical and fun.

This is probably my favorite t-shirt at the moment. :wink:

Who got Navy Blue and who got black? I’m seeing two different base colors here.

(Either that or we have a lot of people who can’t tell really really really dark blue from black.)

I was so excited to get this for my daughter who is a Terry Pratchet fan but the Smart Post is not that smart.

Shirt was to be delivered March 9 to Terre Haute Indiana from Dallas. Then the Pale Rider went on a ride to Kent Washington and added a week to the trip. It will take almost 3 weeks to go from Dallas-Kent-Terre Haute.