Believe I received the wrong sized tv and no one will answer the phone

Bought the LG OLED C2 65inch as Woot had the best deal. Just took delivery today and the tv didn’t seem a huge amount bigger than my small 43 inch tv like I expected it to be. I took out my tape measured and it seems like I’ve got a 55 inch instead of a 65. I’ve called several times, get put on hold and then hung up on. Tried to chat but there’s no option and my email hasn’t received a response.

Hi there. Sorry about that. Make sure you measure diagonally but yeah, that looks small.

Our phone is a bit wonky so reach out via the support form.

Woot! Customer Service. To speed things up, let them know if you prefer a return/refund or a replacement (if possible).

Please allow 24-48h for them to respond.

Browser: Use the Woot! Customer Service form.

Woot! App: Choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Self-Return: Items without Li-Ion batteries can be self-returned within 30 days. Go to your Order Details to get started. The return label will be emailed from UPS.

Note: Woot! Customer Service replies go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email if used/different.

Well, 28 x 51 gives 58" diagonally (using the Pythagorean theorem, which, surprisingly, is exactly how it’s calculated). Allowing for some thickness of the bezel (the plastic around the picture) your 55" assessment seems very likely.

OTOH, the model number seems to be OLED65C2AUA, which sure looks like LG thinks it’s 65", and when I Google that, the first thing that pops up if LG’s site listing it as a 65" TV. I suppose it’s possible that they put a wrong model number on it, but that hardly ever happens.

Try measuring the front diagonally. That’s what the number of inches is supposed to actually mean. It could be that the plastic case makes it look smaller from the back? In any case, if you want to make your case strongly enough to make it worth shipping it back, that’s my suggestion.

I ended up measuring as you suggested and the size is the same. I do see what you’re saying about the tag saying 65 but this doesn’t seem to be the correct size although it is a nice TV. Going to try to work with woot to get this figured out, thanks!

I ended up measuring it diagonally as the other user mentioned here. The tv comes across as a 55 inch based on this calculation and measurement. I’ll reach out about getting this tv returned and I’ll be looking for a refund as I am getting a bit impatient for a new tv. In terms of shipping it back however this TVs a monster and the delivery people were nice enough to bring it up to my floor; would I be able to schedule the same time type of pick up for my return? Appreciate your help.!

Yeah, per the LG site, the 65 should be

  • 56.7" x 32.5" x 1.8" without stand

strange that it has a 65 sticker on it.

Reach out to CS, they’ll help you out.

Some history on televisions being measured on the diagonal, not width or height – a practice that’s been going on for 70+ years.

Muntz was also the first retailer to measure his screens from corner to corner rather than by width.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)

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