belittle our coach

belittle our coach


Yay got one. Good luck everyone

I GOT IT! Ready for disappointment!

Got my crap!


I believe in magic.

sold out.

Got one :grin:

I hope my evil R2-D5 and my BOC can be friends :thinking:

You and me both! First BOC in YEARS…

Well I’ll be danged! I got one! Already disappointed!

Crap! I got another one! Damn you Woot!


If I tell you something, could you please not get disappointed?

And another one bites the dust

Some day. Sooome day.

GOT IT!!! My first sad couch ;D

I have been on Woot! for 11 years. I finally got it. It is my first Bag o’ Crap ever. :slight_smile:

First Bag O Crap ever also!

Impossible. I’m the Eeyore of Woot.

Look at my purchase history from today.

If you have to be disappointed, I’d rather not know.

If you’re not going to tell the group, something like this is better served via private messaging.

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.