Belkin AC1200 Dual-Band AC Wi-Fi Router

Anyone know if you can flash custom firmware on this box?

I just checked the dd-wrt and the OpenWRT databases and it is not listed as a compatible device.

I’m an EE with background in wireless and I still don’t know why these are so cheap. Can spend 20x this and get similar performance?

I cannot speak with total EE authority (having dropped out in my 3rd year), but I have owned one of these (exact model) along with a half-dozen other wireless routers for years. This particular one has been chugging along without too many issues for at least 4 years. I need to unplug it every now and then - 6 months or so, as it seems to lose connection or something - it just stops passing data. The Wi-Fi is up, but nothing gets through. Not enough of an issue to replace it.

In fact, for $20 shipped, I am very tempted to get another one as a spare.

I have found that the range on this is comparable to my favorite workhourse, the bullet-proof Linksys WRT54GL, which has two external antennas. I have installed 20-30 of the WRT54GL’s in customers’ homes over the years - maybe more. You can buy them new for $50 or less shipped with Prime.

If you don’t need more than 11g speeds (I know it says it has 11n, but I cannot make claims about bandwidth beyond 11g with this one), this would make a good second router with a set of powerline repeaters between them.

The lack of support for dd-wrt does not bother me, as the built-in software lets me configure everything I need to for basic Wi-Fi access. Like any other router, you do need to learn where the settings are.

Has anyone tried this router with Spectrum cable? It’s not on their list of Recommended Modems (, but not sure if that really matters.

Not on the modem list??? Probably because it is a router, not a modem.

I would love to know the performance of this. I have an old Netgear N600 router acting as an wireless access point only. I would love to replace it with this Belkin if wireless range and speeds are able to keep up with 100+ Mbps down speeds.

I am having the same issue.

you forgot to say"gosh!!!"

Hello everyone this unit is a wireless router. It does not have a built in cable modem or xDSL modem. You would plug your modem from your provider into this and have this provide your wireless. Many people don’t even need them now because most providers provide a wireless option, either from the get go or as an extra charge. If your looking for an all in one solution check the recommended modem list as mentioned.

Well they get a pretty bad rating on Amazon with 33% 1 ratings…

I would bet tons of units get low ratings due to lack of general knowledge. It also seems that a lot need to be reset often. Most consumer models skimp on memory and features. I’d recommend doing your research but even a junk router is probably with 20 bucks.

The software in the router has a “reboot daily” option - mine is set to reboot every week at 3:30am. Perhaps that’s why it seems to run nearly flawlessly (like once every 6 months or longer manual reboot).

From everything I’ve read about this router, the manufacturer seems to be conspicuously trying not to specify the speed of the wired ports. The mother ship has this listed as a fast Ethernet router. All of this leads me to believe that the wired ports are 100 Mbps and not Gigabit. Unless you’re only concerned about throughput (data transfer speed) between two wireless devices and have an Internet connection less than 100 Mbps, with no chance of increasing it in the near future, I would recommend skipping this router.

I would also recommend doing your research. All of the positive reviews I read on the mothership for a brand-new unit appear to have been from people who had just connected them that day or very recently. All of the negative reviews I read were from people who had had the units for a while, said they worked well initially, but turned into doorstops one day after the warranty expired. Again, those reviews are for brand-new units.

So in this case, it would appear that the positive reviews are from those who tend to lack general knowledge.

All that notwithstanding, it is reasonable to assume that these refurb units performed poorly within the warranty period and were returned. Then they went through the perfunctory process of refurbishment, which has a piss-poor track record of catching any actual performance or functionality problems, and sold off to W00t.

That’s because the average consumer doesn’t care about port speed. The people who do care wouldn’t be considering this router at all anyway.

Anyone know if this router can be used as an extender?

Belkin ap’s are junk and this is their bottom offering. It might perform ok in a one bedroom house, but in a noisy apartment complex, it won’t reach to the other side of a room. You’d do far better with a linksys/cisco from craigslist.

Your ad copy says, “Buy 66 of these and then you can have Route-r 66.” But then you limit us to 10? WHAT CRUEL GAME ARE YOU PLAYING, WOOT?!?!