Belkin: Cameras & Other Crap

Can someone point me to a primer on wireless N vs G, etc. And to these extenders work?

What is the range on these? like can they be set up when we are out of town to keep the house secure?


With the recent near-worldwide failure of Belkin routers due to their inability to ping an unavailable server at, I would say the word “crap” is appropriate.

Yes, the extenders work. I have one (though not a Belkin, thank god) on the second floor of my house which picks up my WiFi signal from my basement router, and I get an all-bars signal throughout the second floor.

Which item(s) are you asking about?

Re: the Belkin Cameras

Do these hook to my wireless network wirelessly, or do I have to cable them to the router with an RJ-45 cable?

They can be used wirelessly or wired, your choice.

Camera info
Did a quick search, check out the Google reviews.
You cannot directly access the camera, you have to create an account on a 3rd party website. I’m uncomfortable with having a video portal into my life controlled by a remote server. If you’re looking for cheap,simple and easy, smartphone accessible remote video and security is not a concern, this may be a good deal for you.

I plan to get a pair of these and put them at my doors so that I can see who is at the door. Not as interested in monitoring the inside of my house.