Belkin Folio Kickstand Case for Zune



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Belkin F8M031 Folio Kickstand Case for Zune
condition: New
$4.99 + $5 shipping

get the zune to go with it at today!


sellout.woot is getting better and better each week… look at this thing… money in the bank, persay… still got useful linkage w/ comparison linksh… even though I don’t know how to spel persay for sure… p.s. woot and sellout.woot combining to do a night of mutually accessoratory product sales is hot


check woot! for the Zune …


totally random that it goes with the Zoon woot from the main Site?


I do not own a Zune, But have purchased one. Thanks woot!


I guess it works with today’s regular Woot. Kinda funny, really.


now that’s cute, sellout.woot and woot are selling compatible items. it’s like they’re having babies. i guess this would count as incest, though, so i hope they have good health insurance for the mutated spawn they’ll create.


Probably not random…I wonder if they’ll start doing this “pairing” thing more often…(likely…probably gets more money that way–convenience)


I already have a hard crystal case, would you recommend this over those?


Seems 'spensive. Maybe for 99 cents. None for me tonight.


HELP - If I ordered 2 but would like to get another… CAN I EDIT MY ORDER?


Just saw one of these at compusa for 10 bucks…


I’ve used this case and the hard case. I like the hard case a lot more. The fibers on this case would get trapped between the Zune and the protective screen.


The sad thing is if you buy the zune and the case. With Smart post being the shipping method your case won’t arrive till late November.


all i needed to know. xept i think they closed all compusa’s round here


Open another account


Yay, this will go nice with the Zune that I got last week.
Now I just have to keep it scratch-free until SlowPost gets the case here…




Oh man I’ve been wanting one of these, and now I get it at a great price instead of the $25 or so I’ve seen them for in-store. Nice.