Belkin Hub-To-Go Detachable Travel Hub

Well, they’re a week late, but we finally get our promised bday wootoff!

And I literally bought a new USB hub not 6 hours ago… :stuck_out_tongue:

This wootoff appears to be USB compatible.

Does it double as an ashtray?


Looks OK, and I have had good luck with Belkin product.

SOB, why now?!

Oooh. I needed one of these. Yay!

detachable p*nis

Maybe if I go to bed now, ya’ll will have a chance at a BOC, because it will never come up if I’m watching…

Why is Woot so broken recently?

Oh, how about that. A woot off. Just as I was going to bed and noticed it was 1am.

Why would i want a DETACHABLE hub???

Is it an ashtray, or a USB hub?

will there be anything good tonight?

Woot Off FTW!!!

comeon now!

good night!