Belkin IP Cameras

Does anyone know if these could be used as a security camera?

Connect to a computer to record and automatically record movement etc?

Thinking about mounting these indoors, pointed out a window, to watch the side of my house and driveway.

I use this software on my desktop and laptop cameras. You can set up regions of the camera to pick up movement in a door frame instead of windows where tree movement might set it off. That software will most likely work with those cameras.

I don’t think it will work. Belkin recently upgraded the firmware of their netcams that only allow access via their cloud service. You can’t get access to a local stream at all anymore. Until that changes, these cameras can pretty much only be used with the Belkin app (well technically any seedonk app since that is who provides the Belkin cloud services)

Great Information. Thanks for the replies.

I will never buy one of their products then. Appreciate the heads up.

Bought one of the singles and it arrived out of focus. Belkin support said to return it. Woot returns was enough of a hassle that it soured me on the entire Woot experience.