Belkin & Linksys

Re: the Linksys RE2000 extender, a warning that it is not plug and play with AT&T U-Verse gateways. Tried installing three different ways; all failed. This is not a Linksys problem, it is a U-Verse problem, just fair warning if you want to use with a U-Verse router. It may be necessary to call AT&T and they may want your $$ in return for making the extender work.

Refurb unit is $38.99 on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime or use other free shipping options, you save $1 if you buy it on Amazon – and get a much better return policy.

It only has a 3 start rating on Amazon.

(Looking wistfully at the U-verse router in our basement…)


I bought one of these re2000s a few weeks ago. Used a $10 off coupon so it was an ok deal on woot. They have two packs of them new at Costco for I think $90. Ive seen a lot of complaints about these so Id considering paying that little extra, for the ability of super easy return.

I havent decided if I like it or not yet. Im using on the 5ghz setting. Ive had to move it all around the house to try to cover the couple dead zones in the house. Still looking for the perfect place. It definitely improved things, just not enough for me.

We recently got a new comcast business gateway and its blasting solid 2.4 and 5 signals through the house. Full bars everywhere. I wanted that on the house network.

Re:Belkin f5L112tt YourType Bluetooth Keyboard and Stand for Android Tablets

Does anyone know if these will work with android OS 4.4 ? I ask this because the Amazon product page states that the bluetooth doesn’t work with 4.3.