Belkin & Linksys

The Belkin keyboard is $10 more than it’s going for on Amazon. :o

Apparently these are for only 10" tablets, not for the 7", 8", or 12" ones many of us use.

Wifi range extender died within 2 weeks.

Amazon says the list price is $10 lower than Woot’s list price claim AND the unit is $19.95. Wassup Woot?

These are not fitted cases, the tablet rests on a slot and is held up by a tab in the back. So a smaller unit should work, but look a little funky. Use the tab that shows up in back to hold Post-It notes.

The N150 is not a good router.
Have one, easy setup but slow speeds.
Spend more money and get dual band.

Thanks a lot for mentioning the lower price on Amazon Radi0j0hn and dej1217. sarcasm Now they went and changed that price to match this one. SMDH

Mine almost made it to New Year’s. RMA time.

I purchased the Linksys EA6500 AC1750 Wi-Fi Wireless-AC Dual-Band Router with Gigabit & USB 3.0 Ports, Smart Wi-Fi App Enabled for $64.00 on November 22, 2014 a little less than 6 months ago. My cable company just gave us an upgrade from 15MB D/L to 50MB D/L. The router worked fine at 15MB but would not allow the speed of 50MB. I highly suspect that this “refurbished” router was defective from the time I purchased it. The Cable technician that came to my home to trouble shoot the problem also believed this to be the fact because as soon as I hooked up my old netgear router everything worked fine. Of course there is only a 90 day Linksys warranty !!! #VERY DISAPPOINTED