Belkin & Linksys

The 24 port switch is a great product, but you can buy the same refurbished model on Amazon for $99.99 with free shipping.

You are correct about being a great product, but low on Amazon is not $99…

It was this morning. The guy raised the price. This was for the refurbished model. It was 99.99. Anyway, if you can get a new one is $159.

Cnet review of the Linksys router:

Been looking at the WRT1900AC for a while, but they’ve released a couple tri-band routers recently, and I wonder how they compare.

I was very excited about this offer until I saw the tagline about “Router 66.” I’m honestly afraid that as I’m playing a game a rouge UPnP command to open port 66 will cause my router to want to kill all of the Jedi. That didn’t go too well last time it happened.

Really wanted to love the AC1900 Router, but luckily I went to the mothership to read some reviews—ouch, 471 total with 114 one-star. This one looks like a crapshoot, either you’ll love it (202 5*s) or it just plain won’t work.

Is the EA6500 version 1 or version 2? They are completely different systems! There’s twice as much RAM in the v2 as the V1 (v2-256MB vs v2-128MB) and a way faster processor in the V2!

I have one, love it, and it is smokin’ fast.

But, as a lot of people who paid $250 as I did, the router is advertised as Open WRT compatible. Hence the WRT1900AC model number.

But there have been issues with the maker of the WIFI chip (Marvell) would not allow an open source release of their WIFI chip and OPENWRT would NOT work even though the router was sold as if it would. Now since December of 2014, it seems to have been resolved and most of the complaints are no longer valid (except for the fact that it took a year to do what they advertised out of the box).

See for more info.

I was one of the people upset that I could not WRT my router, I actually gave up thinking it just was never going to happen so learned to deal with the stock firmware - Thanks for the heads up!

Otherwise, seems like a solid router and it works better than anything else I have put in from consumer lines.

any one had any experience with the WRT1900AC and larger external antennas?
I think i want to run a cable off two of the antenna and mount them to the roof or attic to increase the range to cover past one block ~200 yards) to the park down the road. any thoughts?

I ordered the web a EA6500 wireless router (order number: 51865871), according to a page with a USB 3.0 interface, this is V2 version, I also email request twice before shipment V2 version of EA6500 routers, but after I received the router today, found that are based on USB 2.0 interface, this version is V1. Not in conformity with pages of advertising. The actual delivery goods, please do not agree with propaganda? Thank you very much!