Belkin Miracast Video Adapter

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Belkin Miracast Video Adapter
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Is this the buggy v1 or v2?

Ok, I gotta ask…
it emphasizes Windows 8.1 laptop
in the write-up.
Are they saying it would not work with Win 7?
or Win 10?

and just to re-enforce what Is in the write-up
this won’t work with iAnything

From the Amazon description: Compatibility Information
Miracast is natively supported from Android 4.2. X and above and on Windows 8.1, although support can vary per device. Some manufacturers built Miracast into earlier 4.1. X devices and Wi-Di into Windows 7 and 8 also. Check with your device manufacturer and the Belkin support pages for compatibility information. You can also view a list of verified compatible devices here: http://belk. in/mira1234.

I believe you have to have the wi-di device on board, commonly a wi-fi adapter with those specs. So I think your assumption is correct!

Looks like a cool gadget but will it work with the iPad Air 2.

No. Use an Apple TV to “mirror” your iPad’s display onto your TV.

Why Apple TV? My Samsung S7 shared screens/streaming content with my Samsung TV and Roku’s just by pressing the “share screen” icon that’s built in. Wife Nexus 5x also shares. Before the Samsung, my kyocera torque would share also. Got one of the college kids a Vizo tv that uses Chromcast. He shares his iPhone 6s with it all the time… TO the tune of 25+gb data a month (got unlimited data-Sprint). Lots of ways to share your screens so for 30bucks, get a roku 3 or pay more for a 4 and get more then just the ability to share your stuff… :wink:

This is v2

Can these be setup to use Kodi?

Simply get MHL adapter [3 dollars] and connect phone, pad to TV HDMI port

I believe I’m correct that Android 6/Marshmallow (and above?) does not support Miracast, instead forcing you to use Chromecast. That’s been my experience and research seems to support this.

Quit leaving the airwaves uncongested! :slight_smile:

LOL-simple problem//simple answer!

Nominate for Quality Post !

Still dont see anything one way or the other on Windows 10?

Actually the one I received is V1.

Seems to work OK with LG Android 5.0.2 and 7.0. Not with a Windows 10 laptop.