Belkin Mobility Kit for RoadyXT and Xpress

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Belkin Mobility Kit for RoadyXT & Xpress
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Belkin F8E724 Mobility Kit for RoadyXT & Xpress

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im in

What about support for the Skyfi2 that was just posted about two weeks back?

This is a disappointing deal :frowning:

XM Sucks, give me Sirius… Please

WTH are RoadyXT & Xpress?

well does this work with sirius? Woot, you guys need to bring the A game tommorow getting sick of staying up this late for nothing.

Seriously, why not something for the SkyFi2 I just got on

Fair price, No longer trust belkin. If you can buy electronics at wally world. Pick em’ up. Easy to return when they break in a week.

My thoughts exactly. I grabbed the Skyfi2 on woot the other day and would love if the two were compatable.

XM receivers.

Gosh, I hope wearing this antenna on my head won’t give me cancer.

XM still exists? Does it have a monthly fee?

can you explaine to me where is it any way

Did yours work? I bought one the first time they sold it with the boombox and it wouldn’t.

compatible with the Pioneer Inno??

I have an XM2Go system that is not so boxy like the ones this unit is designed for. Nevertheless, is it compatible with the XM2go models?

::YAWN:: This Woot is Poot!!!

Let’s take a survey, who actually has the XM unit that this works with, Woot must have needed a night off.

Uh… ok, now where can I get a RoadyXT?
… then where can I change it to Sirius?
'nuf sed.

Why would a portable receiver need a mobility kit?

19 dollars after a rebate.