Belkin Mobility Kit for RoadyXT and Xpress



$14.99 + $5 shipping

1 Belkin F8E724 Mobility Kit for RoadyXT & Xpress


Anyone else finds it odd that there is a kitty on the image (the one that pops-up when you click on the product) ?

And not the prettiest kitty at that. Is that some sort of secret/subliminal message?


Recently 16.99 plus a finski for shipping.

 As Spicoli might say:  righteous price, dude.


I didnt notice that until you brought it up.


Holy crap… you must be the first to actually click on it.

And for once I’m not making fun of the person I’m responding to.

It must be some sort of clue!


The cat bought all of the mobility kits.


I too would like to know what the kitty represents. Did kitty steal all of them? Bad kitty!


Dam feline!


Amazon Reviews…


I am sooooo glad we have an english teacher in the house.


Would this work with my Roady2 (presuming, of course, that this product was actually for sale)?


Now the kitty is eating the comments! IT WON’T BE STOPPED!


Come on guys, I was actually gonna buy this one.


Codeslaves are working on the sold out issue. Hang tight.


That is one fugly kitten


why bother looking there?
oh wait. you can’t buy it here.



Codeslave? Sadly, that’s going to be the name of my profession one day. Thanks for shooting down my dream… :smiley:


Actually you all should consider yourselves lucky. Let me explain. Unless they have changed the design, they used a solid wire for the antenna lead. It breaks right at the connection to the radio. Lasts a month tops. I went through three until I finally gave up on them.


I had an XM in the past and it is a fairly nice player. If I was on the road more often, I’d consider it again. The ability to make it into a personal portable player is a good option that I would have gladly paid for at the time.

To the person who asked, I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t work with a Roady2. That’s what I have. It’s possible, but I don’t think the connectors are the same.