Belkin n52te Tournament Edition SpeedPad

Great price on this product. Most places you’ll see it go for around $70 new. Reviews are great on it too, just check Amazon to see what people are saying.

Personally, I went with the G13 from Logitech for the scripting. But I have heard great things from fellow PC gamers about the N52TE.

Anybody know if this is any good? And comparison $$?

I HIGHLY doubt this is ambidextrous!

takes some getting used to, but once you master it, it’s faster than anything else

Good reviews and a much higher price on Amazon.

It’s not compatible with Windows 7 though. Those of you doing your hardcore gaming on the cutting edge of technology are out of luck unfortunately.

At least it’s pretty futuristic looking, since all it’ll do is sit on your desk.

Note, this is not Windows 7 compatible (as per the specs):
Microsoft Website
Upset users

And some guy who did get it working on Windows 7? Sk’doosh.

Hmmm, this looks familiar.

I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas two years ago. He loves it, and it’s still going strong. Great product, try it!

$79 on Amazon (including shipping - Prime not available) and 3.6 stars.

There are ways to get it to work. A friend has this and he uses it just fine in Windows 7 64-bit. Belkin just doesn’t technically support it. I think you just have to download and install the software just like you would with any of the others. I’ll try to post back with more information once I’ve confirmed the exact steps with said friend.

this looks like a computer puked up all of its peripherals lol


That thing has to have multiple personality disorder.

At last, I can complete my Seaquest DSV replica command center.

I got one of these, and I can no longer type in inane comments in the woot! forums due to its lack of letters

I like the placement of the scroll wheel.

As it says right on Razer’s site, they developed this with Belkin. Not the first model to come out like this either. Haha.

It works fine according to this Amazon review.

Even Wikipedia says:

“Additionally, the Windows Vista driver can be used to install the device on a Windows 7 system and retain all functionality.”