Belkin n52te Tournament Edition SpeedPad

looks like it takes time to get use to. but it definitely look cool to me.

Wow, this item is getting a heck of a lot more attention than that TV from last night. Lots of people expecting a Woot-Off?

I have the last version of this, and have wanted this forever, but the high price kept me away. $35, though? Hell yeah!

This is ideal for people who play first person shooters. Also works very nicely for simulator games, such as Mechwarrior etc.

I have this model and I highly recommend it. It works just fine in Windows 7 by the way.

This is a great price for a great accessory. It takes some time to get used to if you are a traditional keyboard and mouse user though. The thumb stick has numerous uses.

So it works good on a mac?

In b4 mac users dont play games.

I have one of the original Nostromo Speedpads. It’s good for games, but also for CAD software. A good ergonomic alternative to the keyboard when you don’t need to enter text.

I use a device similar to this (Microsoft Strategic Commander) to operate keyboard macros in a drafting program at work. Having this for my left hand and the mouse/number pad for my right hand makes me MUCH faster at operating Solidworks. Just pointing out that these type things are useful beyond gaming.

I had one of these a few years ago, probably an older model. I ended up returning it because I didn’t like the placement for FPS games. I still have a Ideazon (now Steel Series) Fang that I love but it was more geared for FPS. I’d assume those who are into MMOPG’s RTS games, this may be nice. Just my opinion on FPS games. :slight_smile:

In for one.

Installed and running under Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) with zero-issue using the driver disc that came with the thing. I don’t see why they would purport such a thing. Hell, I even had it running on Windows Server 2008 R2 just for kicks.

Indeed. Here I thought I was doing something special when I picked it up for $40 on a clearance sale last week.

Indeed it does; plus a little remapping to your preferences.

I’m not interested if I can’t wear it like a glove.

Call me old school, but I just don’t see myself using this. I like my cheap logitech keyboard. Will have to pass on this one.

A friend of mine uses this at his job. He tells me if you put the time into learning how to use it correctly, it will pay you back with interest.

Here is a second to it working on Windows 7 with out a single issue.

Uhh… do i use this with my left hand?
Or my right hand?

Or both hands? -.-

Seems like the mfr has updated the drivers to work win 7 just recently and that MS driver info is out of date.

I’ve never had an issue with it on my Windows 7 box.

Score one for the Lefthanders!!

You seem to have found my point, as Razer’s logo is on the box in Woot’s pictures as well.

I was merely linking to Razer’s site to provide any additional information on the product. That, and I just like Razer producs.

I refute any information that says this product is not Windows 7 compatible.

I have one and I play Battlefield Bad Company 2 as well as a host of other FPS games with it all the time (I’m running Windows 7 Professional 64bit).

Not sure why everyone is having problems, works peachy for me on Windows 7.