Belkin NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi Camera - 2pk

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Belkin NetCam HD+ Wi-Fi Camera - 2pk
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Bought these about a year ago for an entry level start to home surveillance, and they have served me well even just for peace of mind. Fairly easy to configure, and with the free mobile app you can check on the cameras from almost anywhere. Customer service is terrible but once you get them online, they are rock solid. Picking up a few more to expand onto my existing system. Wish these integrated with Belkin’s other home automations (WeeMo).

How these compare with Foscam or Zmodo?

Anyone know if these work with blue iris please?

The title says “(works with WeMo)”… is WeeMo something different?

They do interface to WeMo and work well. I particularly like to create robots to control lighting and other features

These cameras are not as flexible as foscam but are fine for fixed applications.

Any experience pointing these outside for protecting the front yard goods during the holidays?

From the reviews on Amazon, no. though that was a 2013 review. BI’s website does not show it there iether.

They may work as long as distance isn’t too far. They are good to maybe 15 feet at night.

All in all these are good, but I will not order as Woot recently failed to deliver one of my orders, cancelled another and the customer service experience has not been good, though they still have a chance to make it right.

I checked the reviews, and all in all, they don’t seem bad for what you get. It seems to work fairly well. I’m thinking about setting this up as a baby monitor and a living room monitor for security purposes. Anyone have experience with these types of applications on these cameras?

Bought these last year. I use a range extender to monitor what’s happening at the barn 150 yards from the house. One inside and one outside protected by the overhang. I use the netcam app on my phone and there’s also an option to use the PC.
The only issue I’ve had is that they occasionally go offline which requires them to be unplugged from power. If they came with a way to remotely reboot they would be perfect for the money.

If you plug the camera’s power supply into a WeMo switch you can remotely reboot the camera, assuming all you need is a power recycle. I plug all my devices that require an occasional reboot into WeMo switches. Even my router in a second home. Now, if the WeMo switch goes off-line you are doomed. However, I have found the switches to be fairly stable once set-up.

What kind of range extender? These might work for us being in the outdoors. How do they hold up outside in very cold weather conditions?

I’ve heard they don’t fare well in outdoor applications… something along the lines of “You can just tell these things don’t need to be outside” … I take “outside” to mean it might possibly get wet or cold/hot…

Bought these several months ago and after using the free service for a month, I had to pay after that…to expensive for not the best camera. Check into the monthly subscription prices before buying!

Yes, I see that in the product features:

So, how much were they charging you?

Also, if anyone knows – I would like to protect the area just inside my apartment door, where, of course, there are no nearby electrical outlets. Is there such a thing as a WiFi security cam that runs on batteries? I’ve yet to see one.

Look up Arlo made by Netgear. Ive been considering them since they truly are wireless.