Belkin NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision - 2pk

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Belkin NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision - 2pk
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Bought the refurb version on woot a while back. For the price, it’s not a bad wifi camera. Setup is super easy. It has good responsiveness and sound on the mic controlled by the belkin app - has the ability to record motion detection with varying sensitivity. Night vision is good enough. There are some things I wish were different or better. The viewing angle is average - my brother has a Samsung that has a nearly 180 degree viewing angle, which is nice. The recording function is weird - it says it’s in Beta currently and it gives you a free 30 day trial. After the 30 days expires, you have to renew for another free 30 day trial to activate the recording function. I’ve renewed 4 times now with no request for a payment. I guess at some point in time, Belkin intends to make it a pay feature. Finally, there is no Ethernet port to hard-wire it, so you will need a good Wifi connection wherever you install. Overall, I’d say it was a good purchase. We have one watching the front door and in the back room that looks out into the hallway. Both are connected to the app and the app is easy to use.

Thanks for the information. I looked at Sam’s Club and found this Samsung:

I like that it will record on local storage and stream to a PC or mobile device.

I am currently looking for a wifi camera that allows me to see streaming video or just let it turn on once it detects motion and audio. I only really need one, I don’t live in Fort Knox, but I have a hobby shed that has some stuff in it that is costly to me. The shed backs to my house and the only way I can see in it, is if I walked around the yard. I figure a camera would be useful, if only as a deterrent too.

The shed is finished, but not heated/cooled. I figure it won’t be too much of an issue for operating temperatures.

Any thoughts on that Samsung comparing to the Belkin?

I dont see anything about using this with a PC. So im guessing that would be a no?

i bought these in a three pack a short while back. the price was good, but only one of the three is still working. the night vision is unusable through glass. I would be hard pressed to recommend these to anyone…

At very first glance, I thought this was a $149 washer-dryer combo.

Amazon reviews do not look very promising for this camera…

for the price I really think you’re better off with Foscams, even the hd’s.

I have the SD version of the Belkin Netcam. Bought two on a deal a while back. One is still in the box. The issue I have is that these cams are only usable using specific apps. Many other webcams (like foscam) are supported by dozens of other applications and servers, but these Belkin ones are locked down to the belkin app (or other ones made by seedonk).

I’m actually seeing if I can downgrade the firmware to open up some functionality they shut down.

What does it cost for the Cloud + Premium Services…?

Dang, that info is hard to find. I did find this Press Release from June. Look under “Storage”.

would consider if it had 2 way audio, but appears it does not?

I think I have this??? I got it as a Xmas Gift that’s packed with also a Insight Switch (Networked Power Outlet) from Costco.

If this is the same version, it does support 2-way sound, but depending on your personal connection (going through cell there was a delay of 5-10 seconds between the video I received and what was occurring [probably due to buffering]).

Also when I was testing it, I swear it felt like I would whisper into my phone and it would BOOM sound through the living room quite loud.

I think one of the largest critiques is that there is currently not a way to have it point at a local server and record locally. This is an issue if Belkin ever decides to discontinue their service and it may possibly render these cameras useless. Also a bummer if you do not have good Internet as all the streams would need to be uploaded for you access it.