Belkin Notebook Security Lock - 3 Pack

I rarely buy anything here and never comment but this caught my eye while browsing. This looks like a terrible design for a laptop lock no matter how many of them they give you. Why would you want the pad lock hanging off the locking mechanism and banging against the work surface?

The cylinder shaped combination/key ones are made to lock and secure against your laptop with padding to keep them from moving around and damaging the K-slot. Basically like a large USB stick that is locked in. The base of the cylinder helps distribute the weight of the lock and take stress off the inside mechanism of the K-slot as well.

I am not sure how this one works for mounting but that whole padlock area and small base on the mechanism looks like a design weakness.
Maybe it looks more deterrent to would be thieves with that big padlock? Ones who left their heavy duty wire snippers behind.