Belkin Pro-Fit Armband for iPhone 5/5s/5c 2pk


This isn’t crap!

Hope everyone got in and bought some.

um… bag of crap

Looks like they circumvented the community trick on that one.

my F5 finger hurts for no reason. :frowning:

Of course they would do that for the first crap after I learn about the community trick.

Same!!! Ugh!

This item is not for sale currently. Thou shalt not cheat the Woot-Off. wtf

The Twitter link hit right away, tho.

what twitter?

right now it’s pulling up the main page item, but when that link was posted it was for “The Craps of Winter”

Twitter has yet to get me there on time, so I was pinning some hopes on the community trick.

The community trick is what worked for me the first night/early morning of the Woot-off. Now I’m sitting here with my popcorn and sticking around for the entertainment…as well as lending a suggestion here and there.

it’s still a shame that now it seems like their doing everything to keep someone from getting one…I mean really even if there are tricks. Without the tricks you couldn’t probably get one anyway. Really a lot of crazy stuff going on…

I’ve been doing the community trick and missed it every time. But this time I scrolled over Woot in the header navigation and saw the crap for just a moment. Managed to finally score one in this woot-off!

I did manage to get one into my cart via twitter, but not to actually purchase.

Community trick probably was fixed because they saw multiple bags going to the same household. I swear I have six wives who are buying

If it’s Utah it’s believable.