Belkin Sansa Charging Kit

do these charge a regular ipod too? or just the sansa?

I would think that you could use your USB cable to attach your iPod to the chargers, but I don’t know for certain.

With the five dollars for shipping is this actually worth it?

I’m pretty sure this will power most USB devices.

I just saw a similar kit at TJMaxx this weekend. It was labeled as a IPOD travel kit. It didn’t have the a cable, just the two plugs. It was selling for 7 dollars.

Ipod adapters are known to break Sansa’s, so I wouldn’t risk it.

To everyone who got half a dozen sansas in their last bag, this is your lucky day. I bought three just for the USB home and car chargers. Those are worth it by themselves. Especially if you get three.

Buy, buy, buy!

no, ipods pins will not match. potential to damage your ipod. just buy the sansa

Here’s the trick:

There’s a Sansa cable, and two usb power adapters, for car and for regular AC.

Sansa cable will go with Sansa only, but… The adapters can be used with any device that can be charged from USB! Just plug it’s own cable!

Great deal!

I wish I had my discount code now.

Anyway, I’m going to pass on this one. If it could charge other usb devices for certain, I’ll reconsider.

From the looks of these, it’s just a regular Sansa USB cable with a car adapter and AC adapter that output via a USB port.

If I’m right, you could charge any USB device with this and it’s a heck of a deal.

Belkin Sansa Charging Kit
$0.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: New
Product: 1 Belkin F8M055 Sansa Charging

I’ve been waiting on this one ever since my bag o’ crappage showed up with players and no chargers. Score!!!

Is this wire compatible with the sansa e250 or just e200?

95/100 on Alatest reviews. Smart buy if you got a sansa.,2/

Attention for those folks who are curious about charging other USB devices. Yes both the car and ac will work. Smokin’ deal for anyone who is gonna order more than one, especially if you don’t have a Sansa.

This is a good deal if you need a USB wall or car charger. (I got it from Woot awhile back.) The wall charger is kind of bulky, but the bulky part sticks out from the wall (instead of extending vertically) so it doesn’t cover a second outlet.

It will charge the e250–that’s what I have and I have used it.

If you order both the player and the charge kit, do you have to pay shipping twice?

What is the charging time on these?