Belkin Zune TunePower

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Belkin Zune TunePower
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Belkin F8M027 Zune TunePower Portable Battery Pack For Zune

how do you save the environment with it?

The description claims there are custom molded sleeves?

What the heck does that mean and does it cover the screen or just the back?

Looks like just the back

Looks to be just the back, so i guess with the skin case I have, this will not work, so I would have to take it off… =( boooo

In for one since the battery life blows when watching video.

yea, I have a case already, so this accessory loses to the protection of the screen…

I’m always near a computer or laptop anyhow, so I guess I don’t really need this thing :]

TunePower suggestive that it does more than just power. clearly a feh accessory.
add an fm transmitter.

btw looks bulky as balls too, and connector is not inside the case but a separate ribbon? double feh.

In for one since I have only one Zune anyway.

Seems like this thing will be useful. I have a tendency to forget to charge my zune, so I’m in for one.

Anyone use this before? How well does it really work?

Do the Zune use internal battery first then this or both at once or what?

got one, my zune is in the mail, so this will be a nice extra thing to come next week!!

OK, you got me… While my ipod has a better quality picture, is less clunky, takes a LOT less time to download files to it (especially video), and has much better battery life. I still like my $80.00 brown zune, it’s like that kid down the block that isn’t as smart or as strong or as talented as everybody else, but you just have to admire it’s perseverance. But it was really annoying to find that I couldn’t even watch all of Happy Feet without the battery going dead right at the very end of the movie. 3.5 hours of battery while watching video??? yeah right… I couldn’t even make it through a 1 hr 49 minute movie on a full charge. I hope this will help, of course it’ll add to the clunkiness factor, but what can you do huh?

Just what the Zune needs. Something to make it bulkier.

Great video about this thing, I answered my own question.

I just got my Zune and accesory pack (thanks for the freebie woot)

Battery life completely sucks on this thing. less than 3 hours of music before it dies, controls suck too compared to the iPods I got for my kids. Now we get weasled into buying an accesory that might make it perform as well as it advertises… WTF???

Hmm, I have bought 2 zunes, i get 10 - 12 hours on both of them, 1 was new from woot, and 1 was refurb. You might check your backlight settings and make sure wirless is turned off. I have backlight set to turn off after 5 seconds and I keep it on its lowest light setting. the wireless will kill your battery too, but I work 10 hour shifts at work and mine always makes it through the day… and then some.

You even own a zune? You can watch 2.5hr movies no sweat. Plenty of battery. I haven’t used much for music, but I would assume you can get somewhere around 10 hours. If your Zune really is that busted, get it repaired. You’ve got a 1yr warranty afterall and MS usually is pretty good about that stuff. If you’re just an apple fanboy, then please go somewhere else and let wooters enjoy the deal minus the misinformation.

I’m in for one! I ordered a brown @ $79 from woot and they sent black and free travel kit (which ROCKS!) Now I can hardly wait for the firmware upgrade!