Bell+Howell Battery Master (2-Pack)

They did not say “Bell + Howell” but I bought 2 of these at the local flea market for $9. Really, $33 for just some plastic molded storage units & NO batteries?

Might take a while to clearance these…

I agree. The markup on these is incredibly high, but the cheapest no brand similar product on amazon for one of these that I could find was around $17. I kept passing on these until I realized how much time I have spent dealing with batteries, trying to keep them organized and charged, and worrying about shorting them out with potentially bad consequences. I finally pulled the trigger and got these. I expect very good quality when they arrive given the price I paid. Unfortunately, the high price may be due to the expensive as-seen-on-tv commercials that push these types of products which is not cheap advertising. I won’t know how these compare to the cheaper no brand products. Maybe they are made by the same manufacturer and I could have saved $20. I’ve seen a lot of knock-off crap sold by 3rd parties, and, of course, there is usually no warranty with that stuff.

I don’t have this brand, but I have two different versions of pretty much the same thing. They are great, but have too many slots for C and D batteries, which I rarely use. That leaves less space for AA’s and AAA’s which I actually use. I end up putting more AA batteries in the C and D slots, but that’s certainly not optimal.

Wanted to say though, that this looks to have a good balance of slots compared to what I have. I also have a similar tester to the one that appears to be included and it’s better than the hinged testers that either of my battery holders have.