Bell+Howell Super Torch 7" Lantern w/ 2 Flashlights

Solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at

A few reviews over at Staples

I almost got one of these last time. Thankfully, the power doesn’t fail very often where I live these days, but it’s the middle of nowhete in a fairly rural area and without electricity the utter darkness can be pretty unsettling for this city mouse. But.on the plus side, stars. Billions and billions of them! It’s still a novelty.

Plus, it’s available in green. You can never have too many Green Lanterns. Never know when those who worship evil’s might may show up to start trouble.

It’s a cool new design…but it’s always a red flag when an item is advertised as “Bright!” etc., but no lumen count can ever be found…

I’ve looked all over…reviews, videos.
As a rule, if a lantern really IS bright,
the manufacturer is eager to get that lumen count out.

I’m gonna pass…too many great 300 lumen options to try this (esp. since returns are not a Woot strength…)

would be great if these were rechargeable OR you could use batteries

someone link me to a good one that is both please. thanks

Rechargeable batteries = problem solved.

Any estimates on how long the batteries would last in case of a blackout?

Until they die?

Before you buy these, look at the one on CostCo. No flashlights, but 40 LED’s already WITH the rechargeable batteries, with the unit’s pluggability right into a wall socket, with the light’s going on automatically when there’s a power failure. No flashlights, but more LED’s and other features. Two for $40. These, when you count the costs of the batteries, especially rechargeables, will be more expensive…

But only if its brightest day or blackest night and they will fear your power

5 star reviews at It takes a lot of batteries. I’m a camper, so I am going to purchase. I like the size.

I only see 1 review (buyer beware) and it is a 4 star.