Bell + Howell Tac Bat Flashlight (2-Pk)

Bell + Howell Tac Bat Flashlight (2-Pk)

A foot long and one pound, how is that a weapon?



Obviously you never have been hit by a mag light.


FYI: 200 Lumens.

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Apples and oranges.

Good way to up the retail of a so-so LED flashlight - @ 200 lumens these are far from the brightest, but at $11 each they are not disturbingly overpriced. And not having 4 or 5 “modes” to go through just to turn it on or off is to me a plus.

(I hate flashlights that start out dim and need 3 or 4 clicks to go full bright, or start out full bright and need multiple clicks to be turned off.)

Its technology those people who design stuff say hey lets make this nifty here one click light more complex and why not add more settings therefore the reliability that one of those settings will fail just a bit out of warranty. So that there consumer will have to replace such great gadget they got quite acquainted to.

Alway Xbox, Google, Android, Mag lol

I like the manufacturer’s suggestion that I keep one by the front door in case of intruders.

It would be a shame if the intruders got as far as breaching the front door only to find they forgot to bring something with which to brain me.


If I only had a brain.

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Giggles! I just had to say… “ON” … or… “OFF” I totally get it !! I know I will never ever use those other functions… not on purpose anyways. If it’s dark… and I need light… I like short path, no fluff. I’m not stopping and trying out all the bulbs in the store to find out that … THIS one … the one with all the umpff…as high as it goes… Is where I want it and how I’ll use any and every flashlight!

Zippo: flick … light … bang it shut. Done.

The struggle is real …


That fellow looks like he’s feeling a bit light headed.


Put batteries in and the light flashed once and that was the end of that. Junk!

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.