Bell+Howell Taclight Lantern 2-Pack

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Bell+Howell Taclight Lantern 2-Pack
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On TV and online these come with a lifetime guarantee, so why only a 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty?

Do these have magnetic bases?

This appears to be the Bell & Howell 1454 TacLight Lantern. Good reviews over at the Mothership.

There doesn’t seem to be any mention of actual light output other than “fills an entire room,” which is… vague. Lumens would be a little more useful.

I’ll check. Should hear back in the morning.

Usually has to do with whether we bought it directly or via a 3rd party.

I’m not seeing any reference to that on the Interwebs but I’ll ask.

I asked for that earlier in the evening when previewing the sale. Should have more info by morning.

The “Specs” content is disappointing. Would be nice to know how these are powered.

Walmart Reviews

Yeah, I asked that as well. We should have more info in the morning. :frowning:

What batteries???

Found it on another source. 3 AAAs.

Bought some a couple weeks ago here. Powered by 3x AA batteries. No mention anywhere of lumen output rating, but they are very bright.

I bought a couple weeks ago identical items here, and they are 3x AA battery powered, not AAA. In any case, three batteries.

$13 a pair on Amazon but not B+H brand. Have several of these and they work well.

These are good for blackouts or camping. They will fill a room 20x20 enough to continue to do what you need to do. I would rather get them cheaper on amazon or big lots as the generics are bright too. Batteries last 8+ hours before start to dim. ( not continuous).

Our uses: camping, outside light in yard at night, fix car at night.

Come on Woot! almost $20 for these? I have bought two different brands of these lights and they all seem to be the same, so I doubt these are any different. The last set I bought are still 2 for $9.99 AMAZON. You guys are starting to lose me. With that said these are great lights. I use them for camping and part of my hurricane supplies. I was impressed how long the batteries last. Ran one for 8hr a day for 5 days.

No magnetic base.

Also just a comment on the specs… when collapsed, this is shorter than a phone, but it’s definately wider and thicker. I think it’s clear looking at the pictures, just didn’t want an ultralight packer to get it and be disappointed.

That said, these are great. Mine is surprisingly bright. Don’t know lumens, but easily fills a room with light.

what kind of battery is in these?