Bell + Howell Taclight Lantern 2-Pack

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Bell + Howell Taclight Lantern 2-Pack
Price: $21.87
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Amazon 4 pack $20 no tax free(Prime) shipping

Those are some pretty ambiguous specs on lantern brightness. . . 'Twice as bright as an “ordinary” lantern. Can be seen up to 5 miles away. Can be seen up to 2 nautical miles away" . . .

The human eye can see a single candle flame 10 miles away in total darkness.

My bovine scatology detecter is reading off the charts.

How many actual lumens are they rated at, by gosh?

The Brand on Amazon are 350 lumen

Umm, I JUST saw the infomercial on TV where they’re selling this for $3 less. Remember when woot used to have flash sales?

Does this have a magnetic base?

You tube review:
TLDW: Meh, Not as awesome as the hype, but functional.

I would rather have a stoo’pit bright 18650 or even single AA which fits in my pocket that I can EDC. Lantern lights do have their place, but I have several Energizer WeatherReady lanterns that go on clearance at Home Depot every now and then for less than $5 each (with batteries).

Head over to for WAY more information than you thought possible regarding flashlights.

I don’t know if these are exactly the same but it says 356 lumens.

I’m calling B S on your statement. The only 4 pk on Amazon isn’t the same thing.

“Works Underwater: No water damage can be done to the TacLight Lantern”

Sounds like a challenge to me! Pretty sure it would stop working if I took it on one of my deeper SCUBA dives.

I prefer the quality lanterns that you can charge via USB (of course, regular ol’ battery-powered lanterns may be preferable in your BOB, but you also want something quality in your BOB). Fenix has some, and possibly Nitecore.

I’ve been carrying a Fenix LD01 flashlight on my Keychain everyday for the last three years and it has not failed me once (and I use it almost every day, sometimes many times a day). Yes, it’s a single-AAA and it cost $45, but you get what you pay for. WOOT would never sell a quality piece like that because cheap goods sell much faster and in much higher volume. Also because quality pieces typically don’t need fire sales to move product. It’s the society we live in.

You can find more info on flashlights than you ever thought possible, over on candlepowerforums.

Oh, I don’t know about BS. While an interference could be made the item linked to the mothership was for the same manufacturer, it wasn’t implicitly stated as such. As the the four for $20 claim, there are several different varieties that meet that quantity to price ratio.

Apparently perfect for those Crème brûlée dessert trips…

The MalloMe are the best bang for the buck. You can’t beat a 4 pack for $19.99 that has 350 Lumens. Bell & Howell is nowhere near 350.

Was the offer you saw on TV for a 2 pack?

Well, there’s only one way to find out…

Nope, sorry.

Needs 12 AA each?!!?!!? Instead of 3? You must have a dirt cheap source for AA batteries for that to make sense.

They use 3ea. They send you 12 AA w/the deal.