Bell + Howell Taclight LED Lantern 4-Pack

Bell + Howell Taclight LED Lantern 4-Pack

I found it way cheaper on other websites, not the brand name, but same lantern.

Some of the knockoff lanterns include the ability to recharge from wall power, and have USB connections to charge phones and stuff… but as Big Clive ( has discovered several times, they are not well designed and commonly put the full wall power out through the USB port and it’s metal surround, so you plug a phone in and it goes ‘Toasty!’ And then you try and snatch the plug out and grab it in the wrong spot, “Fatality.”

These do NOT include the USB port, as far as I can tell; just be wary of the bootleg Chineseium ones.

Currently on sale at Harbor Freight for $4.99 ea (reg. $6.99), includes 3 AAA batts.

Ah, the “death Dalek”. In pink, of course.

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Fakespot gives the Amazon reviews a “D”.

IF this is the same lantern (it does look to be so) without the same branding - and that’s hard to say because I don’t see anywhere in the Woot! description the key information re. the lumens this light puts out - it’s on sale right now at Eddie Bauer for $7.50. I just picked one up this past weekend and it puts out a good amount of light for it’s size and price - better than the several others Eddie Bauer had for just a bit more. But, also, don’t be fooled by that included video – it does give off very good light for its size, and I am very happy with mine, but the video seems to suggest it will fully illuminate a large room and/or that it will provide great light for a large outdoor area and it’s just not as great as that. This does look to be the same lantern. But, again, at Eddie Bauer for the very same price and without the S&H fee and no waiting for delivery. If the same light, and you want/need four with the ease of not going out to the store, this is a good deal.

“…lantern is built for maximum brightness while still maintaining a super long battery life of up to 100,000 hours.”

I need some of those long-lasting 11 year batteries. I suspect the 100K hours is supposed to refer to the life of the “bulb” instead. The “…even smaller than a smartphone…” bit is also a nice touch, as the 3.5" diameter makes it particularly comfortable in the pocket.

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What, you don’t carry cans of tomato juice around in your pockets? Weirdo. :stuck_out_tongue:

I give Fakespot a D, as it’s marked a review I personally wrote as fake.