Bell+Howell Taclight Tactical Flashlight

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Bell+Howell Taclight Tactical Flashlight
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9/11/2016 - $12.99 - Click To See Discussion (12 comments)

These are dime-a-dozen low quality flashlights. Save your money and buy a proper (but still value oriented) flashlight from Fenix or some other company that actually makes quality devices, rather than one that sticks their brand name on some high-volume low-quality device. These are available (under one of the million names they stamp on as a private label manufacturer) at the mother ship under the Gosund XML-T6 name for $18.99 for a two pack!

I bought one of these through an ad by Bulbhead for 19.99 and 2nd one for 9.99. It too required 3 AAA batteries. It has 5 modes, High Beam, Med Beam, Low Beam, Strobe and an SOS signal like the one Woot is selling. I saw a more efficient model that required 2 AA batteries and had the same functions plus a clip instead of a wrist strap. Despite that, the one I own is excellent and during a blackout it illuminated the entire room as if one of our light fixtures had been on. I only wish that mine used 2 AA’s although it hasn’t required changing yet but that design has to be better I would think. If I hadn’t already owned mine I probably would buy this one from Woot.

These flashlights are VERY poor quality. Do an Amazon search and you’ll see how ubiquitously cheap these things are under a host of supposed brand names. The single “multi-mode” switch is maddening… you never know what mode you might get. Who wants to cycle through multiple flashlight modes during normal use?

Agree with the others – while 600 Lumens rises to face-melting capacity, these aren’t a quality product. Hold out for the next time the Smith & Wesson tactical light comes around. Uses 2 lithium batteries, lasts a long time, amazingly bright, and the cop friends I have who we camp with asked me where I got a cop flashlight. Love that thing.

The first five seconds of the tv add tell you everything you need to know about how dishonest this company is in representing this product. At first, the beam seams to illuminate a home spectacularly, but keep watching the commercial and you see what the true light pattern and illumination level are when used on “suspicious” people in the dark.

If this flashlight was ~$9.99 with free shipping/handling, I might consider it.

That’s about how much I paid for mine a while back: same flashlight, different name, been working just fine as a bike light for a couple of years now.

Sure the flashlight is cheap (I have another similar rebrand), but it doesn’t mean it’s not good. I actually have one that I modded to work with an external usb battery pack. Drilled holes in it and soldered stuff together. No way I would do that with a $50 light. Actually, there’s no way I would even own a $50 light when these ones work as well as they do.

“Tactical” Hmm…sounds like something I could use on my next spec op.

They actually will spot light just as described in the video. It is only in the strobe mode that you’ll see that reduced illumination level and light pattern. Otherwise, it is a very clear light. Last night I was able to spotlight over a block away as I was walking my dog. She reacts to other dogs while on leash, even more so when it is dark. There is no way I would have seen that other dog and owner before she reacted without this flashlight.

For the price this is a great flashlight. I have a Surefire tactical flashlight, and there is no way I would pay that much $$$ again when I could get one of these.

Edit: Looked at Fenix flashlights…same thing, maybe not as expensive as a Surefire, but still $$. Especially if you want to have a few around the house, or misplace them often.

When a flash light company won’t even give you the specs on one of its flashlights; you can bet it’s not worth buying.

Bought one here a few weeks ago. Bright, but having it randomly turn on to whatever mode it wants is very frustrating. I have tried long pushes, quick pushes and I have not found a way yet to just get it to turn on in plain ol’ flashlight mode. When the batteries die it probably will end up in the trash.

It sounds like your product may be defective. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form to report the issues and explore solutions.

It’s a pity that what we really need here at HQ is a strategic flashlight.