Bell+Howell Taclight Tactical Flashlight

What’s up with this flashlight? It is showing up on every page I’m on. And what is “tactical” about it?

Careful – reviews are horrible for this. WOOT! have you QA’d this consumer product before offering it to us Wooters?

I feel like these are on here once a week lately.

These lights are truly garbage, their advertising is false and misleading, and the quality control poor.

Really, Woot, aren’t there any other deals to be had in the universe? Offering these just puts you in league with late-night ‘infomercials’ for bug zappers and Shark vacuums.

There are dozens of similar Cree emitter flashlights on the mother ship for $3.99 with free shipping that are as good or better than this one that costs $17.99 after shipping.


By saying “imported” without mention the originate country , I take it as China .
And selling a tactical flashlight and not even mention how many lumens ?

Yeah, I’ve never been too clear on what makes something “tactical” or not, but I think the video does a good idea of showcasing how some of this flashlight’s features would be useful in unusual situations.

The description says it can be up to 600 lumens in the high setting.

I’ve asked the vendor team about the country of origin and other setting’s lumen ratings. I’ll update here when I hear back.

At least they aren’t claiming 1000, 1500 or even 2000 lumens like other manufactures. But then the other manufactures include recharger and battery for less.

Have any of you actually owned this light? I liked it so much I’ve bought another. I have a 110$ streamlight that now sits on the shelf since I’ve purchased the light. You can’t beat it at this price.