Bell+Howell Taclight Tactical Flashlight

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Bell+Howell Taclight Tactical Flashlight
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Hmmmmmmmm. Remaining quantity just jumped from 49% to 50%

Oh no! They’ve achieved sentience and are reproducing!!

Certainly not helpfull but after shipping this is only 1.19 more than what appears to be the same light on

Impulse(wootoff) buys. Walk away when a flash light is being sold (by anyone) and they don’t tell you how long it lasts. Sure, you can do some digging but really? I don’t care it shines for 2 miles. If it only last 15 minutes, not a good light for anything. (not that it lasts 15 minutes but used that number for dramatics)

Just got a bag of poo,it popped up at the bottom of the front page,thanks Woot!!!

I had seen these advertised on TV, so when they came up on the Woot-off, I bought 3 of them. I have to say that I am mostly very impressed. The light is very bright and white, and on the widest zoom setting, the light is incredibly evenly dispersed. What is interesting is that on the narrow zoom setting, the illuminated area turns into a square, and there’s some sort of grid pattern that I’m guessing matches the architecture of the bulb.

There are five modes: high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. To switch between modes, you have to partially depress the power button, and the different modes cycle one after the other with each press. In ads, they say you can use the strobe mode to stun or disorient an intruder, but with the way you switch modes, you have to make sure that the intruder is patient enough to wait around for you to switch to the strobe function, i.e., when you first turn on the flashlight, it comes up in high mode, so you have to press the power button partially down three times to get to the strobe mode. Could get a little tricky to do in a stressful situation. Would have been nice if they found a way to have the strobe mode come on, say, if you were to press the power button and hold it down for a couple of seconds.

The placement of the power button makes turning the light on & off a little awkward. It’s in a recessed opening at the very end of the housing, so you have to hold the flashlight upside down/backwards if you want to be able to turn it on with the same hand you’re holding it in (or unless you have a strong, limber pinky finger).

The only other complaint that I would have (and it’s a very minor one) is that the lanyard that comes attached is a bit small and seems rather weak; I could see it breaking after a short while. And the hole in the flashlight that’s used to attach the lanyard is small, so replacing the lanyard with heavier cord, or attaching some sort of clip, might be difficult.

But overall I am very happy with the purchase, and I would buy these again if I ever needed more flashlights.