Bell + Howell TriBurst Garage Light 2pk

Bell + Howell TriBurst Garage Light 2pk

What is the color temp? 6500K?

This is the model without the motion sensor, I take it, so $30 or one on the mother ship?

The individual panel design looks familiar… Almost more than meets the eye…

I wonder if they ever plan to roll out a new concept.

I guess if you needed directional lighting, this is cool. But I’ve been using the SANSI brand for the past 3 years in my garage and outside. I have 3 for my driveway/garage door entrances that have been there for almost 2 years and are still as bright as the day I put them out. FWIW, they are on a timer so they are on at least 8 hrs a day, 7 days a week. I’ve seen them instant on and just as bright even when we hit -15f (windchil was -33) w/o missing beat. But you still get 360 light and rock solid reliability.

If you need the 5000 lumen light you can look at these. I got my first taste of these here on Woot!

Used one of the two. It died in 2 weeks. Sad.

Did I missed something? or the wattage isn’t posted anywhere? it’s like selling a car without the mpg posted on the window…

60 watts

Sansi bulb = $42 each. No thanks.

$29 on Amazon …

I purchased a similar style of this light (different brand) last year from Uncle A. I paid $30 for it. I discovered this style here on Woot but though $100 for a light bulb was ridiculous - which is why I found the $30 bulb. After using it for over a year in my garage/woodshop, I hope I can give some useful feedback:
Pro - Bright light. I think mine is in the 6000k-6500k range and it is bright. Being able to angle the three heads to a specific spot (i.e. table saw, drill press, etc.) is handy. It is like having three lights.
Pro - Not instant on, but about a quarter-of-a-second delay; much better than the CFL I replaced.
Pro - Same brightness in 70 degrees, 10 degrees or 110 degrees. And same near-instant-on response.
Con - Because it is directional lighting, you do not get the benefit of reflection off your ceiling. My garage is finished (painted popcorn texture on sheetrock ceiling) so the only light I really get is from the light itself. I hoped to get rid of my 4’ LED lights but I still have to use them because ambient light isn’t there. When wood-working, or any detail work, you need that ambient light at angles to your workpiece.

This style of light is directional and is very good at that. If you line your area with LED’s, you’ll have a very bright and usable work area.

Considering this is two for $43 or $21.50 each, I would say this is a good buy. Put one in your attic and one in your garage and you would be golden. I’m very tempted myself.


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Is that true power consumption or incandescent equivalent?

The problem with these is that if the center driver fails, you lose all three light panels. Driver failure is more common than LED failure. I’d rather buy 3 or 4 inexpensive LED bulbs with a 3 or 4-way bulb holder. That way, if one fails, you still have 2 good ones.

The shipping time on these…purchased on the 3rd, arrives on the 24th…I would have just bought them at the local place if I knew it was going to take 3 weeks.