Bell + Howell TriBurst Garage Light 2pk

Bell + Howell TriBurst Garage Light 2pk

These are REALLY bright. I have one in the basement and it’s like clicking on a light on a football field. Wish each wing was individually controlled. If you have a big space you need illuminated, this is for you.


Are these suitable for outdoor use?

The ones I got didn’t come with retail packaging so I don’t know what the manufacturer says, but these screw into a standard lightbulb socket and don’t have any type of weatherproofing. I personally would not use them outdoors. They are great in dark basements or large garages.

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What is the wattage rating on these?

Are these dimmable? Our garage lights are on Lutron dimmers.


  • the Triburst is 120V, 60W each
  • suitable for E26/E27 light socket base
  • Unfortunately, it is not dimmable.


  • Indoor (dry location) only
  • Bright White lighting, 6500K, 4000 Lumens
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Do you have the color temp @ThunderThighs?

Is it 6500K?

I bought this before and the light died within two weeks. It was on a dimmer and I think that is why.

Not the same brand, but $17.99 ea. And lifetime warranty.

I was just at MENARDS last night and they had screw in 110v LED light bulbs that put out 4,000 lumens for $11.22 each. I got 3 and put them in our basement and now it is Bright down there. Come with a 3 year full replacement warranty. So you could get 4 of them for what one of these cost ! These are the kind of deals we use to get from you Woot :frowning:


Correction…I forgot the TriBurst was a 2 pack…so you could get 4 of the MENARDS 4,000 lumen lights for what 2 TriBurst cost.

I added the info to my post above. :slight_smile:

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Roughly equivalent to four 60-watt incandescent bulbs, according to the interwebs.

Does it have motion sensing on/off ?

No, it does not.

Make it simple for me here…if I put this up in my attic (the old pull string for on and off…I don’t have a wall switch for it), can I still use this? Is this going to still work with the string pull??

I would look at your string and if it would still work with the larger base near the socket.


I have one mounted in a pull-chain socket in my garage (in an appropriately-sized base of course). You’d want to make sure there is plenty of space for this thing to hang, though; it’s not for tight quarters.

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