Bell+Howell Waterproof Bluetooth Stuff

Is this the same speaker being sold at Amazon for $20.68? The one at Amazon has an ASIN of B00GYZIC5A.

Or I could just have my phone right outside the shower curtain. Been working great for years, I see no reason to change.

I know my small bathroom gets quite steamy/humid whenever I’m in there for a normal shower. I’d rather it not be in there with me personally.

I have a non-branded version of this device.

  1. It’s louder than your phone.
  2. It’s able to answer calls in the shower.
  3. You can adjust the volume in the shower.
  4. You can skip songs (Pandora, for instance) by pressing the button.


  1. This isn’t high fidelity sound, but then… for the price, it’s not supposed to be
  2. I’m not convinced if it remembers 2x cell phone pairings. (spouse may wish different connections)
  3. USB power charger is super tiny barrel connector. You probably can’t find this easily.

Overall, though, it’s a fairly nice, does what it says on the box type speaker.

Not sure what type you are referring to here, but it isn’t the standard micro-USB? Is it any of the following?

From wiki:

Types of USB connectors left to right (ruler in centimeters): Micro-B plug, UC-E6 proprietary (non-USB) plug, Mini-B plug, Standard-A receptacle (upside down), Standard-A plug, Standard-B plug

No, it’s a barrel connection to the device. Something akin to

, but I still think the above image is bigger than the connector for power for this device. (maybe) The device I have is a 2mm diameter barrel.

By “probably not be able to find this easy”, I mean, compared to the cables you’ve shown me, which should be available at most everywhere, the barrel connector is not as likely to be as ubiquitous. If you know what to call it, it can be found, but it’s not as obvious as your picture’s cables.

I have the “Splash Shower Tunes” model from Amazon that’s $23 right now

As a previous commenter said, you won’t get top quality sound, but my bathroom is small and the sound really fills up the room. The charge lasts for a very long time and it’s easy to pair. Very much worth the money if you don’t want to expose your electronics to steam and moisture.

They look identical, the woot one is just branded. The woot one lists a 1yr warranty vs 90-day, other than that, they probably came from the same factory, and you get a fancy logo with more assumed reliability for $3.(~$5 if you have prime)

I got one of these for Christmas and I LOVE it. It gets loud enough that I can actually continue to listen to music in my adjoining bedroom.

I take really hot showers so I never wanted to bring my phone into the bathroom with me, so this was the alternative.

Battery is pretty good, I use it about once or twice a week and I have only had to charge it once since I got it (Christmas).

I too have a non-branded version from Amazon/China. I love it. My wife loves it a bit too much. Both our phones are paired, which actually makes it confusing at times so I plan to buy her one of her own in the near future. We keep ours right in the shower stall. As already stated, this is no Bose speaker. But I also wouldn’t leave a Bose speaker in my steamed out bathroom all day every day.

p.s. prices go up and down on these. I got mine for xmas for 14bucks.

I thought Bell and Howell made mail machines.

I have another BT device that uses this connector and it’s shared with the most recent Nokia chargers before they started running Windows Phone…

I’ve got one of these, yeah, I used to leave the phone outside the shower on the sink, but even at full blast it can’t compare to this little thing in the shower with you. Charge lasts weeks, easy controls, no worrying about splashes. I keep it mounted just to the side of the showerhead to minimize it getting wet. No. It’s not 7.1 but it will drown out my voice singing in the shower.

Unit is small, projects sound out the back to be reflected off the wall to you. Buttons are covered in silicone rubber with a covered USB port and a tiny hole for the microphone. I’ve tried a variety of music and podcasts with it. As others said, the fidelity isn’t mind blowing, but you don’t bring your expensive audio system in the shower with you either. Pairing was easy with my iPhone 5, I haven’t had any need to re-pair it yet. I do have to turn the unit on every morning as it has some sort of auto-shutoff, not sure how long until it turns itself off. I generally only use it while I’m in the bathroom in the morning and it has lasted several weeks after initially charging it.

I’d recommend this to someone wanting to listen to music, news, podcasts, whatever in the shower or tub, or in the bathroom in general.

Must have missed it if the specs/description on Woot had the same warning as the instruction manual (yes, I’m one of ‘those people’ who reads the instructions) which states it is not recommended for extremely dry climates.

While I’m not sure what the definition of “extremely dry” is, they apparently meant Colorado, because the suction cup does not work in my shower for more than about 20 seconds.

Luckily I have a ledge that it can sit on, so all’s well that ends well.

Other than that detail, I’m pleased with my purchase.

Red, a couple tips for using suctions cups that I’ve picked up over the years.

Make sure the surface is smooth and clean.

Rub the clean suction cup on your forehead to get a bit of oil on there. Sounds weird but it works.

Mount the suction cups without anything hanging on them. Leave them this way for about 24 hours before putting any weight on them.

Works for me every time.

How do you get it to shut off? I press the off button and it just beeps or sort of clicks but keeps on blinking blue and didn’t even last a day before the battery died.

I’ve been using it for a week since woot shipped it to me.
This thing is awesome, even for being cheap.
I always listen to podcasts or audible while showering, but NPR voices are so soft.
(sidenote, wheres BBC Neil Nunes when you need him).
I’ve been getting by for years with an old 90’s cassette stereo and cassette adapter.
This lead to people in the house complaining about loudness.
Now when playing podcasts on my GS3, ican hear, and not annoy everyone.
Just the person close to the bathroom.

After charging, it won’t turn on anymore. any tips? how do I go about taking advantage of the 1 year warranty?