Bell Wine Big Guy Red/White Combo (4)

Bell Wine Cellars Big Guy Red/White Combo 4-Pack
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2011 Big Guy White Wine, California
2011 Big Guy Red Wine, California
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Lab Rat Tasting Notes (Big Guy Red)

First off Peter, Forest, Lewis, Tippy & Nina (our pet rats) did NOT care for the no rat symbol on the enclosure with the lab rat bottle.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way on to this Lab Rat’s notes (I’m on the road, so I’m going from memory…

When first uncorked, Big Guy Red was in my face with a very heavy dark fruit & (maybe sandlewood) nose. First tasting was very well balanced, but also the tell tale signature of Cab with it’s very prominent tannins and hint of a nice finish to come.

While I didn’t happen to have any duck just laying around, I did have some very good BBQ’d pulled pork (and broci-slaw) that was just waiting for something to pair with it. So I decanted the rest and moved on to food prep.

After the food was ready and Big Guy Red decanted, it was time to test the paring. Skipping to the end, it was very good. Even after mellowing out with some decanting, Big Dawg withstood the BBQ very well and even helped bring out some extra flavor in the broci-slaw.

After decanting, the Big Guy Red was very good all on it’s own, but was all that much better with food. The nose and tannins mellowed out considerably, but also made good on the promise of a very nice finish.

Big Guy Red is a very good blend and a superb daily drinker. This is one of the best “daily drinker” blends I’ve had all year.

Lab Rat Approved and In for one even if just for the reds

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What is this Labrat you speak of, clearly you mean to say that a bottle of this wine appeared under your Christmas tree in July.

Wow. First sucker and only sucker and its 7 hours later. I don’t recall this happening before.

Waaaay quiet.
Is woot ordering broke?

Imagine my surprise when hubby called Thursday to ask why I would order just one bottle of wine! Apparently, the Big Guy (white wine, not husband) felt the need to escape the FedEx truck and 96 degree heat for the cool comfort of our home.

After a couple days in the fridge, I opened it Saturday. Light straw color in the glass, fragrant on the nose–nothing very strong. First sip brought hints of grapefruit with a bit of sweetness. It paired very nicely with grilled jumbo shrimp with homemade pesto. Day two it seemed to lose a little of the spark from the day before, but still was an easy drinker. This time it was paired with grilled bacon wrapped olives and various cheeses and crackers. It was better with the olives, it went well with the saltiness and smoke of the bacon. Definitely a nice summer wine.


I was waiting on the other lab rat’s notes. I really liked the red, but wasn’t ready to drop nearly $80 (wine, shipping & tax) on four bottles when two of them were kind of a wild card.

In for one (Would have been in for two if it were red only.)

The Big Guy White is definitely a summer quaffer - except with a pedigree! Yountville Chardonnay and Central Coast Rhone varietals. Styled to have great fruit and aromatics on the nose and slightly off dry for summer patio drinking.

The red wine is an amazing value when one considers that it is actually a blend of all the red wines we produce. Unlike many wines in its category, Big Guy actually starts off life being crushed for our varietal wine program. Because of our extensive barrel segmentation program, as we create our bottling blends, certain lots, including Clones 4, 6,and 337 from Georges III in Rutherford may get de-classed and relegated to the Big Guy blend. The white blend is our estate Chardonnay blended with fruit driven Rhone varietals to create a wonderful summer thirst quencher. I do not think you can go wrong with the white.

I must say I’ve become quite a fan of Bell since discovering their wines here on Woot.

It’s a winery that I now take out-of-town wine friends who come to visit Northern California. Great wines and great people with tons of knowledge when it comes to Napa Cabernet, clones, etc.

These wines may be considered Bell’s “daily drinkers” compared to their Napa Valley, Estate or Clonal Collections, but they honestly exceed expectations, which I think webdev511 echoed above when he said: “This is one of the best “daily drinker” blends I’ve had all year.”

Quality fruit, great balance- great acidity on the red and thus a solid food wine. Myshillyself thinks you won’t be disappointed with these.

Hi, thanks for your participation today. Nice to know that these wines are not made from grapes that were rejected for the single varietals. That definitely increases the perceived value of this offer. As you alluded to, many blends are just that - a repository for grapes that didn’t make the cut.

Thank you. I would not allow the name to detract from the wine quality. When did you last drink Georges III Cabernet at $20.00 a bottle - even as just part of a blend? The wine is in honor of our dog - and as we all know our pets do become part of our family. When we initially bottled the wine, unlabelled, my wife suggested that because I had my name on a wine, and we had our daughter’s names on a wine (Talianna), perhaps the dog should have his name on a wine!! My nickname for him was Big Guy, and hence the name. Sandra designed the label and the image on the label is actually Ty’s head. Well before the “animal generation” of wines hit the market, Big Guy was leading the pack. He always was advanced for his age!


Survey (and servers) says “yes.”

We JUST had one!

Not on wine, doesn’t count.

Can’t wait getting low on Copa Cab :slight_smile:

Yeah I was actually trying to think of the (red) daily drinkers I’ve had this year The Big Guy Red drinks way better than a daily.

Before I open another one I’m going to look at the tasting notes and drinking windows for Bell Cabs, because the red drinks more like an excellent Cab than say Wellington’s Duke or Clif Climber Red.

I might just have to pop up to the vineyard and buy a few bottles (a case still qualifies as a few, doesn’t it?) for the cellar. :slight_smile: