Bell Wine Cellars 2006 Syrah, Massa Ranch, Yountville, Napa Valley - 2 Pack

Bell Wine Cellars 2006 Syrah, Massa Ranch, Yountville, Napa Valley - 2 Pack
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PRODUCT: 2 2006 Syrah Massa Ranch, Yountville, Napa Valley
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what is the drinking window?

(hahaha thanks wootbot! yes, i am becoming a regular)

any good?

Is Bell known more for their Rhone varietals or Bordeaux grapes?

We just brought back a ton of Syrah from Paso Robles and the Central Coast, so will need a very compelling reason to jump on this.

Looks like about half off from the winery price, has anyone tried their Syrah?

i believe this is the reserve right?
cuz i just looked at the winery website, and can only find the reserve

I’ll take some of the Oregon wines …

If the weather in California continues its warming trend, Oregon and Washington will gradually become known as the best regions for wine in the states. Just look at how many great vintages in Napa/Sonoma there have been recently… historically there should be 1 or 2 in a decade that are excellent and even fewer that are historically significant. Not that we aren’t lucky to have wine of such quality so easily and frequently available :slight_smile:

Depends on where in Washington. some of those are very warm already (up to the east where it starts to become arid dry and hot) and they are already in the “ripe” zone, say III or higher on the Davis scale.

I was massively underwhelmed by the Merlot and Claret from Bell, which didn’t have enough body to balance the alcohol, and were a little heavy but empty IMHO. The PV was OK, although that’s a more robust grape, and not expected to have huge amounts of complexity.

This is likely to be ripe, big and brawny, with hefty alcohol and ripe flavours, if it’s anything like ther other wines. Syrah is hard to make into bad wine, so this ought to have more body to balance the alcohol. Worth a punt if you like big wines and want to try Syrah, I’d say.

EDIT. I may have made an error in my sleepiness: it wasn’t ripe, as the flavours were definitely nicely European; merely a little hot for the weight. nice flavour, just not as amazing as expected on balance. Possibly due to it being 06.

When I started the winery the intention was to produce only Bordeaux varietals. However, Syrah has become our largest selling varietal and at one stage we made as many as four different vineyard designated Syrah’s. Still love making Cabernet, but Syrah makes for fine drinking.

Sorry you you were underwhelmed. Our style is not one of excess, so my wines are a little more Classic and less California in weight and texture. Finesse is a statement I have often heard.

Regarding the Syrah, it is not the typical hefty domestic Syrah one often sees. Again, focused on restraint and capturing some of the lovely Syrah varietal flavors. The cooler Yountville climate give us good acidity in the wine, besides the obvious dark color the varietal is associated with. The Massa Syrah (this offering) has more tannin and complexity than the Canterbury Syrah were produce from the Sierra Foothill’s.

Yes, we often refer to the Massa Syrah as our reserve.

T minus 14 days until Summer Shipping? Do we have confirmation? My wallet’s getting fat and my cellar’s getting low!

Info on Summer Shipping.


We stopped by your Winery last November and enjoyed ourselves with your pairing of cheeses and wine. I noticed on our receipt we purchsed Clone 6 Syrah, would this be the Massa or was that another of your Syrah’s.


i really liked that last woot offering with these guys. the claret stood out to me and im annoyed with myself that i didnt bank enough time to hit up their winery when i was there a couple weeks ago.
i may be in here…still mulling

How would this compare to something like a K Vintners or Macrostie? I really enjoy syrahs that lean towards the old world style, so I’m intrigued.

Never had syrah from Yountville AFAIK either.

You purchased the Block 6 Syrah from Canterbury Vineyard, in the Sierra Foothills. That wine is a fruitier than the Massa, which has more complexity and acidity. Massa is made from the Estrella clone and is bolder than the Australian Shiraz clone grown at Canterbury.

But, Just yesterday SB said:

Where is the warming of which you speak?

The coolness of Yountville gives the wine firmer acidity making it brighter and more ageworthy. I feel it is more old world style as we avoid the highly extracted fruit driven style the Australians made so popular. Nice wines, but not necessarily varietal.