Bell Wine Cellars - 3 Pack

2 out of 3 look interesting, cant say Im excited about the merlot. Anyone have some tasting notes they can share?

These are fantastic wines and at $20/bottle are a steal.

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Here are the links and info from that Woot:

Shenanigans? !!! If so, a bit of a clanger.

Actually people actually quite like this.

However, even though Christmas is nigh, this wine is not made out of bells.

Per [url=CellarTracker}Cellar Tracker public tasting notes:

EDIT: Didn’t realize they substituted the 2006. Changed accordingly.

hmmm, went in for 3 last time, still haven’t touched them yet…wondering if I should get a couple more…decisions decisions.

I noticed that the Merlot has been replaced with the 2006 in this offering. On the last Woot it was a 2005. Both of the others were 2006 last time and remain the same.

So Im particularly interested in notes on the PV and Claret. There is only one entry for each in CT, so Im hoping some of the folks who bought in Oct have popped a cork or two and can share some thoughts…

I didn’t get any last time, but am again on the fence. I don’t have any merlot or PV in my possession, so this is even more enticing… I am more of a Sangiovese/Chianti drinker though.

Picked up this three pack last time it was on woot. Haven’t touched the petit or claret yet but we did drink the merlot. Didn’t take any tasting notes but I do remember both my wife and I really enjoying the merlot. We aren’t huge merlot fans, but this was one of the better bottles we have had. Don’t recall to much more, other than it opened up after roughly one hour of decanting and smoothed out nicely.

I prefer Italian wines above all else. But I like good deals on other good wines. :slight_smile:

I don’t discriminate by region, just like good juice. Honestly, my favorite Sangio wine was from CA (in the Sierra Nevada foothill region). I am trying to experience different varietals and this package would likely go a long way to expanding my collection. Cash is a little tight at the moment though.

while these wines are enticing, i need to concentrate on buying wines for my wedding reception. bring on the $10ish bottles!!!

Just remember that the Merlot you had was the '05, this is offering the vertical '06. (Should probably be laid down for at least a year.)

There was a single Lab Rat that reported on the previous Woot for the PV…

Also, follow-ups:

what size bottles are these?

Bring back the glasses - I’ve been wanting some of those for quite a while. Guess I’ll need to put them on my Christmas list.

I would have to say that they are all the standard 750ml.

Also, I just added these three wines to a cart from the winery’s website directly and the three wines are $105 before shipping. (Also, the PV wine is a wine club only bottle.) This is a really good deal.

I bought these when last offered. I have tried the merlot (a couple weeks ago) and the PV (Saturday). I don’t take notes on wines I drink, but I remember my wife and I both liked the merlot because it had some nice cherry fruit flavors and some of that merlot spiciness.

I tasted the PV with friends on Saturday right after an Australian PV a friend brought. I did like the Australian PV better and I know it affected my thoughts on the Bell. I liked it, but was not overwhelmed. Tannins were there, but not too much with a little more of a “bite” than the Aussie. Some berry fruit, good finish.

Overall, good price for the wines here, with the big woot discount they are fairly priced for the wine.

Instead of buying only cabernet’s…I decided to give these a try…The Merlot was OK…The Petite Verdot was nice…I would describe it as a smokey chocalatey American bordeaux…I have not tried the 3rd as of yet…I bought 2 and will hold the 2nd set for later to let it age…I will not buy any today…I want to see what else comes up…Got to have “some” kind of budget…kids and all…LOL!

I was very interested in these last time around and the same goes now. I like PV, and the winemaker provided much great information. I’m going to have to let my S/SIMBWM stand (that’s self- and space-)…