Bell Wine Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon (2)

Bell Wine Cellars Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2-Pack
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2010 Bell Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
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sure can tell who was on tour.

WD, stop this madness.

Hmm I see jammy blackberry in the description which to me screams new world. But then they note they do a european style of wine? pH of 3.84 doesn’t seem to acidic again leading to a more new world style. But the alc% is lower.

Was any RO to dealc done to this wine?

I’d love some notes.

edit: looks like this has been tasted! notes please!

After visiting Bell Cellars on the RPM tour, this is an autobuy. Maybe for Christmas WD can score some of the Clone 6 Cab for us. Pretty please?

These are classic cabs, not “new world” or typical over-the-top CA bottle of fruit.

We spent a few hours with Anthony last August tasting various clones; very educational.

Couldn’t touch these prices at the winery, even with discounts.

Have to say that I was so enamored with the Clone 6 Cab that I don’t really remember much about the other ones we tasted but this was probably one of them. I also had a bad migraine that was in full bloom during our stop at Bell but came away with the impression that Anthony’s Cabs can stand shoulder to shoulder with those from Corison and the other top producers in the area. Quality juice by a passionate winemaker. This is a major score for WD and all of us!

We had discounts at Bell? I think you, Tim and Sparky must have been working all the angles, lol.

Alright…so I don’t think we tasted this particular Cab during our excellent Tour visit this summer, but I am curious. What are the Cab clones, and how did the blend take shape?
I am so very tempted on this also, even after biting on the Wellington Merlot and the Roessler.

Check out the vintner’s voicemail, the Cab comes from the Beaulieu Vineyard #2, the same fruit source as the BV Georges de Latour and Rutherford Cabs. I already double-dipped and might even triple-dip in the a.m., this is an impressive offer.

EDIT: I think you’re right that we did not taste this one as we were mostly sampling single varietal, single clone Cabs.

This looks interesting, I wight have to get some for my visit this coming summer. If RPM chimes in, I’m doomed!

You will be, especially since Anthony manages to keep the Alc % relatively low (with no RO) compared to other area winemakers who blame the high Alc on weather and terroir. High Alc wines are one of RPM’s pet peeves…

A few pics from the RPM tour at Bell Cellars…

Open your wallet, edlada, 2X minimum. Anthony Bell is the real deal. He was at Beaulieu when a lot of the clone work was done and has profound knowledge of Cabernet. He understands the grape in a way similar to the way Cathy does, that Andre T., George D., and Joe H. did.

I was especially impressed with his 2012 Clone 6, which I would cellar concurrently with Corison Kronos 2012.

I think WD39 made a major score here. This may not be a vintage for the ages, but it will be fine and food friendly.

Am I just old or old fashioned? But I see syrah in a cabernet blend and it just doesn’t sit right. Help me out here.

Did somebody say Corison??

I missed the RPM tour(darn kids…) but do love me some Corison.

Have you tasted this particular wine RPM?

All this talk of comparison to Corison has me in.

Oh, so very tempted. My wife and I visited Bell as part of a guided tour (the Napa Valley Wine Trolley) about two months ago, and of the four wineries we visited on that tour, theirs was the only one that impressed us enough to join their club right there on the spot.
(And, as already noted, Woot’s price beats even the winery’s club price hands-down.)

We tasted at least 5 wines at Bell. I don’t think we tasted the 2010.

We tasted a number of 2012s. I think we also tasted (or at least some of us were able to buy) the 2005 Clone 6, which is a great wine for the ages.

Anthony Bell is an established winemaker and viticulturalist - this is not a situation where you have a new winery/winemaker who’s had a one-off success that we’ve tasted.

The 2010s are a difficult vintage - lots of them worth passing over. But, some people have done very well, e.g. Cathy Corison. Bell is the kind of guy who could well make a superior wine in a ‘less successful’ vintage.

#(*$&$^$&$@@) !!!

Bell Wine Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon (2)
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My worst fears are realized. Curse you RPM and my wallet double curses you! I do believe my German friend and I will enjoy these next summer. I just hope I have enough money left by then to do other things too!