Belleville 6" Hot Weather Side Zip Boot

Belleville 6" Hot Weather Side Zip Boot

“Men’s Boot” ? Really Woot?? This seems like a great deal on a boot until you realize it’s available only in sizes 3, and 4 … what is going on with this …?

And with ALL the Boots Slippers Shoes in general? Have y’all heard of thing called a Filter Tool that would have saved me an hour of time… the hour it took me to scour all 1000+ items in the All Deals section one by one, and to click on it, then to select the size drop
down on each only to find out NONE of the Boots NONE of the Shoes come in my size— a Size
12 or 13 — a MAN’s size not a baby’s size 3.

This has been ticking me off for sometime… it’s a hassle to look for crap to buy. ALSO why is there

I swear my friend showed me in his Woot app a bona code search bar the other day — I saw and he saw it —
and now it’s gone — I never got it and now it seems no one is allowed to have it … is it
that much
effort involved
to simply
the filter and search tools
to make the product headlines true to what’s inside?

pretty please?
wth a
cherry on top?

I think you had a fever dream.