Bellona Functional Sofa in a Box

Bellona Functional Sofa in a Box

So what? Give me a big enough box and my sofa will also fit in a box!


And you’ll have a sofa sized box, which would be even better.


Measurements please? Assembled, and the box, since it has to get up the tight stairwell of a 105 year old building. Weight would be nice to have too.


They have a teeny-tiny specifications link for the PDF

This is a cool looking sofa. at 120#, I’m glad I’m not trying to drag it up a 105-year-old stairwell.

Thanks! The color of that link made it all but invisible in night mode. God-forbid the “specs” should be on the “Specs” tab!


Seekrit message for any wootsnoop that might be peeking into this area:

Is there any hope of you listing a decent recliner at a decent price? Due to pretty nontrivial spinal damage (I despise doped-up and drunken drivers) and multiple spinal surgeries, I am unable to sleep in a bed — other than a hospital bed that’s adjustable so that it can emulate a recliner, more or less – and must use a recliner in order to get any sleep.

Alas, my $6 Goodwill recliner is on its last legs. For the better part of a decade it’s performed yeoman service, but it’s finally reached the end of the line, and I’d like to replace it before it gasps its last.

Our finances, such as they are, preclude any possibility of my walking into a furniture store and scheduling one for delivery. Given that the one I’ve got is the only one I’ve ever seen at Goodwill or Salvation Army (or local thrift shop), and, I live in the boondocks of Western Michigan (near the “West Coast”), there’s no “discount furniture outlet” (or any such thing) anywhere within driving distance.

And so, to bring this tedius plea to a close, I’m trying to find out just what, if any options I’ve got (Craig’s List in this area isn’t what “city folk” are accustomed to having), and it occurred to me (when I saw this listing), that perhaps Woot is liquidating some “sleep type” furniture, and maybe, just maybe, there’s hope that a reclinder will be popping up in my daily Woot email.

Some reviews and a price comparison available at Overstock:

$50 off is pretty decent though not that much in the way of savings. Seems like a decent sofa/futon!

Not to be confused with the “Bellona Highly Functional Sofa in a Box (of wine)”

I bought two recliners and two couches from Amazon. With prime, shipping was free and they brought them into my house with no additional charge. Sometimes they offer to split the purchase into 6 monthly payments. I’m thrilled with both sets and I dont think I’d purchase furniture any other way.


I think there are a lot of options, from various websites, but a general budget guideline would be needed for anyone to advise you what might be available. Also, for me it would be hard to look at a chair and consider how comfy it would be to sleep in. I checked around in general and saw what I though might be good, on sites for under 400 bucks (usually cheapest at around $270). But again, no idea if that suits your budget.

The kids will love it

I was checking in for a flight, and a man was in line with a luggage cart. On it he had a full sized recliner. He expected to check it in as luggage. It was not only too large, but there was no protection around it. Imagine the results if they had accepted it as luggage.
true story

I have also had multiple reconstructive spinal surgeries with front and back osteotomies and all kinds of instrumentation, with the same kind of problems sleeping that you have. (I wish we had a secret handshake or something, since most people don’t understand what we’re living with.) I agree with you on the benefits of a recliner, and I hope you’re able to find one. (FWIW, if you’re anywhere near a Big Lots, their furniture pricing is often pretty good.)

For sleeping at night, I’ve found that I can comfortably emulate the “neutral spine” position of a hospital bed with bed wedges, which are much cheaper and more flexible to live with than buying an adjustable bed. My set is two decades old, and looks a lot like this although it doesn’t have the neck pillow:

That’s just my $.02; I know all of us have different needs and there’s not a one-size-fits-all orthopedic accommodation. But, it worked really well for me for decades before the last series of surgeries, and it was so fantastic to be able to “lie” (well, recline) in a bed and sleep peacefully and not wake up in screaming pain.

Best wishes etc.


When my parents got new furniture when I was a kid, we got three massive couch / loveseat / chair shaped boxes, and my brother and I loved them to death. :smiley:

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